Crowd of 26,000 confirms: Obama is not a cactus.

What a difference a rally makes. As of September 22nd, The Onion headline read, “Poll: 1 in 5 Americans Believe Obama is a Cactus

Poll: 1 In 5 Americans Believe Obama Is A Cactus, The Onion

Pictured below, today’s September 28th Wisconsin State Journal says, “Cheerleader in Chief“. I think I’d prefer “Commander” but you know…things are looking up.

Sure, we know President Obama came to the UW-Madison campus largely to rev us up to vote for Feingold and Barrett for the November vote [Tammy is a shoe-in]. And maybe after being called much worse than “cactus” he needed a little love, too. It’s a good place to get it. Our county voted 73% in favor of Obama in ’08.

I opted to love from afar. Friend Dave tweeted a google map of the 1.1 mile line to get into the rally at UW-Madison. Thus informed, I decided to stay home and tweet, facebook, and watch live streamed video so I could “be there”.  Just about worked.

I paced like a cat waiting for the rally while listening to WORT-FM‘s live broadcast. Then when Obama came on live, I compulsively took notes. It was done and I got Joe’s tweet, “The president’s hands are warm. That is all” and I felt a stab of envy. Then he sent a link that only said “Ummm this just happened” and had a pang of secret service level worry…because I thought, “WHAT happened?!”. And a link took me to

this glorious picture.


Joe is young and he can wait 5 hours in a crowd. Avid local blogger Gregory Humphrey is older and wiser but went anyway. I love what he said here in Caffeinated Politics,

“Afterwards at a packed Fresh Madison Market on University Avenue everyone understood that we all had witnessed something special.  It did not matter if people knew each other or not, or were even from the same generation.  It was as if we all were connected by some invisible force.    We are.  We are Americans.   And I think many felt the same in the store as I did.  That  was worth coming to the rally all by itself.”

That is all.

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