Senator Julie Lassa stonewalled medical marijuana in Wisconsin. Activists won’t let Lassa forget it.

Senator Julie Lassa is a Democrat from Stevens Point who is running in a hotly contested race against Sean Duffy to fill the 7th congressional district seat in Northwest Wisconsin.

Lassa will be confronted by ANOTHER political force tonight: Wisconsin activists for medical marijuana. Ben Masel, the organizer of Sunday’s Marijuana Festival in Madison, says that Lassa sided with 3 Republicans on the Wisconsin Senate Health Committee to kill a medical marijuana bill in the last legislative session, halting it from reaching the floor. Masel is confident that if the bill had gotten out of committee, it would have had enough votes to pass and Wisconsin would have been the 15th state to legalize marijuana for medical purposes.

Protestors will be confronting Lassa at the Madison Club on Wilson Street. Here’s photos of the marijuana rally and audio of Jim Miller, a medical marijuana activist since 1991, who is urging the crowd of 3,200 to turn out to speak to Lassa.

Masel said, “Her Republican opponent is no great shakes either.” Lassa’s opponent is Sean Duffy, a father of six, a District Attorney and a national lumberjack sports champion who has starred on a reality TV show.

Republican Sean Duffy says, “I’m running because this is the fight of my generation. The prior one fought the Cold War, before that it was World War II. But our fight is becoming one for the principles of free markets and against creeping socialism.”… Duffy is crisscrossing the district to warn about rampant spending, Medicare cuts, higher taxes and overregulation.

The 7th District race is considered a “toss up” by The Cook Political Report. The seat was Democrat Dave Obey’s since 1969. The 7th district covers 20 counties, and stretches from Stevens Point to Lake Superior. Obama took the area in ’08 by 56% of the vote.

For a map and more on Duffy and Lassa, see the Wausau Herald

Gary Storck has written extensively on Lassa and efforts to legalize medical marijuana in Wisconsin in his columns.

Wisconsin NORML
Jim Miller is president of CMM-JJ


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