Coverage of Wisconsin Save the Train rallies for high-speed rail: Madison, Milwaukee, Watertown, Eau Claire, Oshkosh, La Crosse

My collection of coverage of Saturday November 20th’s statewide rallies to Save the Train. My rally attendance numbers are from articles, tweets, and blog posts. Let me know if you find an article/blog post/video/photo album to add. These rallies were sponsored by Sierra Club.

MADISON: I’ve heard these numbers: 300, 500, and 1,000 “My brother is a cop in Madison He said there were 1000 people present.”

Madison Rally Image from @onewisconsinnow

Republican Bob Lien got some booing but got through to the crowd in Madison, WI “…he and his company, which won a tentative work bid with the train, are in support of the stimulus project. The train issue, he said, has been manipulated unfairly by both sides, and though he would support using the federal money for roads and bridges, because that can’t happen, he supports the train.”-Isthmus

Video report from ABC’s Channel 27 Good, good coverage.

NBC 15 got Mark Pocan’s great job stirring up the crowd. Perish the thought that Illinois might get Wisconsin’s rail $!

Channel3000 site-Excellent article chock-a-block with quotes.

Good collection of images at Forward Lookout and on

Image from Badger Herald, a UW-Madison student newspaper

UW student paper, Badger Herald’s good article, and finally, here is the meager stub of an article pushed out of Wisconsin State Journal.





MILWAUKEE 200-300 rallied

Owly Images
Milwaukee Rally Image from @CreativeCooler

TMJ4 reported from Milwaukee live. Nice job Jay Olstad.

The Daily Reporter in Milwaukee has been knocking out a great collection of articles on this passenger rail project .

Paltry effort from Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.  But there are 127 comments HERE.

LA CROSSE 50 -75 rallied

Here’s a fave picture from Robert Freedland’s scrapbook of La Crosse photos:

Good job, La Crosse WXOW19.

OSHKOSH 50-100 rallied

I’ve noticed a lot of TV stations don’t write much on their web sites – so when 1 does, I have to say “atta boy”. Channel 2 WBAY did excellent video + a good article. Executive Director of John Muir Chapter of Sierra Club Shahla Werner is quoted.’s article.

WATERTOWN: 100-125 rallied

Apparently I am the only person who blogged/wrote about Watertown? 125 people. Great crowd. Go HERE.

EAU CLAIRE: 100 rallied

Eau Claire’s main paper has a paywall now. Only a couple free paragraphs on their rally

100 folks shivered in Eau Claire at their rally-here- some images and words from Uppity Wisconsin. By the way-consider that this was 1) opening day of deer season, 2) a friggin cold place at 25 degrees & windy, and 3) in the 1st half of the Badger football game. Impressive.

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