Keith Olbermann says Scott Walker cut off his nose to spite his face: Wisconsin high-speed rail rejection

Wisconsinites already know too, too much about this story. It’s not a fun video to watch. Seeing Keith Olbermann laughing about our Tea Party Governor-Elect Scott Walker confirms that I live in a laughingstock red state.

He shows footage of Ohio Governor-Elect Kasich boldy fabricating, saying the train in Ohio would run at 39 mph. Olbermann mentions that Ohio’s outgoing Governor Ted Strickland begged Kasich to reconsider. He marvels that Walker said his decision to reject the train was a “win” done because the “right kind of jobs” would not be created, because they would be created under a “subsidy”.

Olbermann talks with Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post A roughly paraphrased conversation follows:

Olbermann:We really have a couple of governors who have cut off their noses to spite their faces?

Robinson: [Laughter] It’s amazing, but we keep on saying elections have consequences… There is an active discussion – a lot of voices are saying fiscal restraint is one thing, but hey we have this here, we have a Spanish company- Talgo –  set up here to build these train cars in Wisconsin, then Walker kills the train, so they say if there’s no rail here, we’re not staying here. How can that be good for the state?

Olbermann: The Koch Brothers-funded Cato institute weighed in to say that:

“The federal government is like a crack dealer, and he’s giving states a free hit of crack to get them hooked and then of course, in the long run, the cost of the crack gets worse. In the long run, you are going to wind up losing out.”

– Daniel Mitchell, Senior Fellow, CATO Institute

Olbermann: Would the Eisenhower Interstate system have been developed if we had this mindset?

Robinson: Anybody who has ever travelled abroad knows that the American infrastructure is way behind everybody in rail. Go to China, France… The idea that we could ever do something as grand and as productive as the interstate highway system now with these Tea Party governors seems so grand. Like a fairy tale.


2 thoughts on “Keith Olbermann says Scott Walker cut off his nose to spite his face: Wisconsin high-speed rail rejection

    • To Zentrails- If we recall him, we need 1) a boat load of cash to do that and then 2) a 2nd boat load of cash to fight in the ensuing election to fill the Governor seat. A recall only forces a new election, in which Walker or any other individual can run for that seat. I really think Walker will try to slither over to Washington D.C. in 2012. He’s using this state to fool enough of the people all of the time. Whether it is a wreck in the end, is not his concern. What’s important to his plan [or the plan of the people he answers to] is that the Left and Unions of Wisconsin are screwed up beyond repair. We have to both stop his agenda in WI and dig up as much dirt on this character that even the right wing rejects him on the national stage. Just my opinion laid bare. I of course wish that the David Koch impersonator had informed Gov Walker that he was needed at once in Argentina. Somewhere warm where he can just get his mellow back and forget this screwing-of-the-American-way thing he’s obsessed with.

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