Film Revived as Play Cuts Conservatives Literally: “The Last Supper”

Do you remember seeing a move back in 1995 about “A group of idealistic, but frustrated, liberals who succumb to the temptation of murdering rightwing pundits for their political beliefs.”? I didn’t see it either. Take a look at the trailer. You’ll recognize Cameron Diaz. Who do you see from Seinfeld?

Fortunately, the movie script has been adapted by its author for a play now hosted by the Bartell Theater in Madison!  And Emily Mills, blogger from our local newspaper, The Isthmus, is one of the stars!

Of course now because it’s 2011, and only weeks after the Tucson shooting, the dark comedy of the play seems, well, uncomfortably dark. Bad timing? Maybe not. If it’s the kind of play that helps people just blow off some steam, it’s perfect timing. Us liberals could use a good laugh.

Many of us Lefties said the shooter was a mentally ill right wing Patriot type, nudged into action by media-fed fantasies of violence. I doubt we’ll ever know with certainty how much Right Wing fantasy fed into Loughner’s act. But we do know it’s not a good feeling being in the crosshairs of Palin and her ilk.

Now the shoe’s on the other foot. My conservative comrades will have to squirm in their seats—if they’re paying attention to a small theater in Wisconsin, and only until February 12 when the play ends.

Read below, and then pay a visit to The Isthmus. But remember: if it’s too hot in the comment kitchen over there, you can always just get out, buy a ticket, and actually see the play.

Buy tickets HERE.

” At the Bartell Theatre,Mercury Players Theatre presents the dark comedy The Last Supper, which Dan Rosen adapted from his screenplay of the same name. Rosen updated that 1995 movie starring Cameron Diaz and pre-Big Love Bill Paxton specifically for this production and it reflects the current political climate and players (even tossing in a reference to the Feingold campaign).

Five lefty graduate students in Iowa City gather for weekly dinners to revel in their shared (and sometimes smug) world view. The first dinner we witness ignites a surprising shared mission when one of the students invites the truck driver who offered him roadside assistance to join them. This young man, a patriotic Desert Storm vet, first startles the group when he insists on saying grace before the vegan meal and then goes on to praise Hitler, alarming and repulsing the other dinners. Threats and violence ensue, and one of the hosts stabs him….”

More at The Isthmus And here’s a link to the film on

RottenTomatoes’ review of the film.

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