Ohio bill gives clues as to what Scott Walker has in store for Wisconsin unions

Walker thinks that unions harbor weapons of financial destruction or WFDs

[Here’s a LINK to the Wisconsin union-busting bill Scott Walker unveiled.]

Friday February 11th Governor Scott Walker will drop a bomb on public sector employees in this formerly blue state:

“Gov. Scott Walker told The Associated Press in an exclusive interview Thursday that he will propose removing nearly all public employee collective bargaining rights to help plug a $3.6 billion budget hole…

Going after collective bargaining rights in such a dramatic fashion will almost certainly set off a firestorm in the state Capitol, not just among the workers but even Republicans who will be reluctant to go as far as Walker wants.” from Bloomberg.com

Because Walker and Governor John Kasich of Ohio worked simultaneously to fight high-speed rail, I thought the two might be joined at the hip on this matter.

To my feigned surprise, they are nearly conjoined twins. Kasich unveiled a plan in Ohio to strip unions of their collective bargaining rights as well on Wednesday February 9th. According to MarionStar.com,

Ohio’s Senate Bill 5, if passed would-

• Wipe out, or severely limit, collective bargaining for all state workers – including unionized faculty and staff at Ohio colleges and community colleges.

• Ban public employee strikes.

• Weaken binding arbitration for police and firefighters who cannot strike.

• Limit a local union’s right to bargain for health insurance.

• Eliminate automatic pay increases for public employees.

• Strip teachers of the right to pick their classes or schools.

Who knows. Maybe taking a sneak peak at Ohio’s bill is as good as taking a sneak peak at what Walker is planning for Wisconsin’s public employees.

Senate Bill 5 is right HERE and for your reference, I found it here at the Ohio Legislature’s site.  It was sponsored by Republican Senator Shannon Jones.

A summary and introduction of the bill may be downloaded in PDF format at the Ohio Education Association site.

I am not a union member at this time in my life, but I have been and my sister is now. I don’t support Walker’s move because I don’t think it is right to balance the budget on these people. I’d rather see them thrive, grow stronger, and keep worker rights strong across the state.

I also don’t want to see unions fail because they’ve been traditional backers of Democrats and Progressive action.

Of course that’s one of the reasons unions make such attractive targets for Walker and Kasich in their battle ground states. I am beginning to get the feeling these political pals go to the same shooting range. I suspect the same corporations even buy ammo for them.

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