Students and Staff Filled Wisconsin’s Capitol Monday

Hundreds of UW Madison students fill Wisconsin's Capitol Building, Feb. 14, 2001

The voices of University of Wisconsin staff members, students and community members shouting “Kill this bill” reverberated through the Capitol rotunda Monday as nearly 1,100 protesters marched down State Street to the governor’s office door.

The event, organized by the Teaching Assistants’ Association, included handing off thousands of valentines reading “I heart UW, Governor Walker, don’t break my heart,” signed by UW students and faculty members in opposition to potential state budget cuts for the university….More at the Badger Herald

3 thoughts on “Students and Staff Filled Wisconsin’s Capitol Monday

  1. You know I’d send you warm weather, I shiver just seeing you folks out there.

    I’ll be checking in with you for updates, especially today. We’ve been hearing the the Tea Party is supposed to show up to counter. Hang in and tell as many people as you can there are lots of people in the country behind you all.

    • It really is a people powered and “organic” thing. Almost too much so. I asked some folks from the Teachers Assistants Association [unionized at UW] if I was missing some kind of central command control central or what. They said – we get updates on twitter and on “that white board outside” which has updates written on it by hand.
      I’ve been getting updates on twitter/facebook/verbal and a lot of times I just go over to the Capitol. Thanks for the well wishes, Patty and thanks to the People of California- our brothers and sisters on the West. I’ll send you cheese, if you send warm weather!

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