Exciting Video – Workers Converge on Madison Wisconsin’s Square

An exciting, good short documentary by Johnny Clark. Yesterday approximately 13,000 protesters came to Madison Wisconsin to rally against our governor’s “Budget repair bill”. Watching the video you’ll hear why people came and get a feel for why they are determined to stick this out.

3 thoughts on “Exciting Video – Workers Converge on Madison Wisconsin’s Square

  1. I am trying to wrap my mind around why liberals think that private sector,tax paying citizens should pay for their retirement,health care bennies,and pretty much anything else liberals think they are ENTITLED to. Maybe someone should tell them that when they work for the government,they are considered SERVANTS,not elitists.

    • There is no such thing as an existence without sharing. What you’l have when you’re left is the Sudan. They have warlords, we are getting bigger and bigger corporations. And Walker’s buddies.

      Keep on going your direction, we don’t need to pay into a collective pot for anything. How do we do roads, education, water service, electric, etc? I can find you examples but right now I’ve got some other stuff to write.

      Your note’s tone did put me off, but I do not want to put you off of the blog or what people are trying to do. It is a true challenge to both have convictions and not get so emotional that you fall into the name-calling. My dad was a Repub, mom Democrat. The most respectful discussions they had – believe this or not – were on politics.

      So, when my better side is going – not my crabby side – I try to explain my opinion and respectfully disagree. I hope you’ll keep on with the challenges – and keep on with the learning and listening though as well. Thanks.

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