Rachel Maddow Marvels at Today’s Rally of 30,000 in Madison, Wisconsin

I take great pleasure in hearing Rachel Maddow pound out each dismayed word she has to say on our Tea Party Governor Walker, especially,  “Not only would he not negotiate with people on this, he will never negotiate with them again.”

She makes the point that today’s rally equals the size of Bahrain’s, which threatens to overturn a government. [pausing for dramatic effect]

At about the 3:20 mark, you get stuck listening to some right wingers slam unions…sorry about that. Maddow wants to make the point that The Right is unified against workers. She reminds us that unions brought us the weekend, the 8 hour day, an end to child labor in America and other neat things like safety on the job.

Who knows, maybe you’ll see yourself in this video. It includes pans of the crowds and scenes of marching students from Memorial, East, and West high schools and Middleton High.

At the end of the video, about the 5 minute mark, she questions whether Democrats are really supporting unions in 2011.

I’m so proud that in Wisconsin, we don’t have to ask that qusestion. We know our Democrats are doing whatever is necessary for working people. Even if it means taking a radical step like walking away from their own jobs today to protect us.

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