UW Students Stage a Walk Out. Then Democrat Senators Walk Out. Right Out of the State.

Each Democratic Senator of Wisconsin walked out of Madison’s Capitol today so that a quorum could not be reached and a vote will not be made on Governor Scott Walker’s radical “Budget Reform Bill” as was scheduled today.

And I thought the most dramatic thing to happen today would be at lest 4,000 students marching as one from their campus to their Capitol building in a massive walk out at 10:00AM today.

When I heard that Democrat Senators were fleeing, I was reading a tweet, and I thought it was a rumor. When I heard that they were leaving the state, I thought THAT was surely a rumor.

But it is true: 14 Democratic Senators from Wisconsin left their own state to prevent passage of a radical “Budget Reform Bill” that promises to hobble public unions, slash education funding, give Governor Walker greater rule over the state’s Medicaid program, and a laundry list of things that few have had a chance to learn about given that the 175 bill released last Friday the 11th.

Rumors do fly fast on days like today. I’ve received several tweets in the last few days that Wisconsin’s Capitol building would close, and it never did. Tweets were sent that scared people into believing that the Capitol security were dangerous – which is a gross error. They have been professional, calm, helpful, and friendly. I have repeatedly seen students actually walk up to them and thank them.

Reporters David Douglas and Jessica Arp of Madison’s Channel 3 have been incredible go-to’s during this week of political drama in my city. Sometimes their tweets – and I do follow their great tweets – are comical such as today when @news3David tweeted,

“@news3jessica has confirmed police are NOT looking for Democrats”
That was a tweet meant to dispel another rumor: that state troopers were chasing after Democratic Senators. *SIGH* Maybe in the film version of this.

I also had a good time following their tweets to Senator Taylor asking her if she was out of the state yet, over and over again. I’m guessing that some of the UW students crowding the Capitol  were worried about her. She is their hero.

I’d really like to take a break now, and come back with more on Senator Taylor’s great part in being what she’s called “the people’s voice”. Stay tuned…..

In the meantime, a few twitter notes:

This is the hashtag that is being used most frequently by now: #wiunion

And you can follow me here: @bluecheddar1

There are more tweet tips – will come back with a more comprehensive tweet guide!

One thought on “UW Students Stage a Walk Out. Then Democrat Senators Walk Out. Right Out of the State.

  1. Your work here has been fantastic! This is definitely one of the go-to places about the Madison events. I have been noticing one thing in some signs and in the title of this post, and that is it should be “Democratic Senators.” Don’t forget the “ic.”

    There’s a long history of reich wingers trying to drop the “ic” as a slur Democrats in general, as chronicled in this article:


    Lush Limpbaugh and most every Repub in recent years is trying hard to bring it back, since back in the day, even William F. Buckley though it was dumb and just made them (Repubs) look bad and refused to use it. Of course, today’s crop of Repubs don’t care about that! Thanks again for all your efforts! Solidarity!

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