Ed Schultz Interviews John Nichols from Madison’s Capitol Square

Ed Schultz talking to John Nichols at the top of East Washington Avenue. I was about 20 feet away and could not see Ed. That was OK. The spirit of the crowd and their great signs made up for that. [below]

Ed got possession of an email from the “Club for Growth” which urges Scott Walker supporters to get on buses, come to Madison, and support the “Budget Repair Bill”.  I will be at the square to greet them tomorrow when they come along with my 30,000 or so friends.

Are you sitting on the fence about coming here? Just show up.  We are not going away until we kill that bill.

The view from Capitol of the greater Ed Show scene.
I loved this "Ridiculous Protester"

2 thoughts on “Ed Schultz Interviews John Nichols from Madison’s Capitol Square

  1. There is yet another opportunity for progress today. Upon arrival of the foxsnews-created “teapartyers,” a time that–especially with the presence of a few well-placed agents provocateurs–could degenerate into a nasty confrontation, there is an opportunity to educate. The present-day misinformed TPs should be embraced with historical facts:
    Those dumping Britain’s tea into Boston Harbour were doing so to prevent taxation WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. They were not protesting taxation per se. What mattered was–and IS–the issue of representation.
    In the arena of labor-management relations, the same Jessie is at the forefront right now. Collective Bargaining IS A SYSTEM OF REPRESENTATION. Those who supported the actions at Boston Harbour are natural allies of those who fight for representation today. Solidarity!

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