I woke up ready for this.

Just a quick note-

A twitter friend has offered high speed access just off the square of the Capitol. I’m hauling a lot of gear over and hope to at minimum do audio from there.  If I find some tech-savvy youth-maybe some video too. You’ll get updates on this via facebook/twitter/here.

At 5pm last night there was a big ruckus in the Assembly. Repubs. said the vote was at 5. Showed up early. Voted by voice. Dems ran in at 5 yelling to stop the vote. Repubs proceeded with their voice vote in favor of an Assembly version of the Budget Reform Bill.  Pete Barka of Kenosha yelled at them mercilessly. The vote was rescinded. Very dramatic. Google dane101 for a link to this now.

High of 17 degrees today and sunny with 8mph wind. Wear your hat.

Twitter is the place to get updates on this. If you do not do twitter, go to the URL search.twitter.com and search for #wiunion or #notmywi or #solidaritywi and you’ll learn what’s up moment to moment.

These are people who are often tweeting about rally events as they occur: @millbot @news3jessica @news3david @melissaryan  – and more that I just can’t think of right now!

Estimated 50,000 will show and garbage is already a problem on the square. Please bring your own bags and tote your garbage out. It’s a big rally.

I didn’t have a chance to confirm whether Sarah Palin is coming or not. If you know more on this, please comment or tweet me at my twitter handle: bluecheddar1.

Must dash. I’ll try to be good about putting up at least fast notes like this throughout the day, if not photos. Bless you and keep you, Progressives. Its’ a good day.

5 thoughts on “I woke up ready for this.

  1. One more note: Milwaukee J. S. has demonstrated some political reporting in what should be the straight news category. One example: they said “dozens” of protesters assembled outside the Capitol when Scott Walker was inaugurated. Every other news source I could locate said 300 minimum, including a conservative think tank. I have some other examples. They’re not all bad…every story isn’t rotten. But I’ve seen them spin conservative in a bold way sometimes. It’s a paper I tell people to not subscribe to.

  2. Dan-Did you read what I wrote? Link to the original video of Shirley Sherrod and then the cut one Breitbart did. Then you will see why I wrote what I did.

    Regarding any unethical doctors in Wisocnsin: we do not have a vigilante force for that. We have a board to handle that. Wisconsin is a civilized place. If Mr. Breitbart has the goods on this doctor, we’ll see a complaint lodged with the Medical Examining Board. http://www.drl.state.wi.us/board_detail.asp?boardid=35&locid=0 I would expect they’d look into this.

  3. The high was actually 37 rather than 17. There was a Sarah Palin impersonator among the demonstrators, but if the actual Tea Party Patroness were in attendance, I think their crowd would have been bigger.

  4. Can you publish some photos and stories from today? Has anyone got any good aerial shots of the crowd?

    Thank you for your good work.

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