Scott Walker recorded as he speaks with David Koch Imposter

I got this from the Buffalo Beast’s “Koch Whore: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker answers his master’s call” The following is written by “Murphy”:

“He’s just hard-lined—will not talk, will not communicate, will not return phone calls.”
-Wisconsin state Sen. Tim Carpenter (D) on Gov. Walker (source)

Carpenter’s quote made me wonder: who could get through to Gov. Walker? Well, what do we know about Walker and his proposed union-busting, no-bid budget? The obvious candidate was David Koch.

Murphy called yesterday morning posing as one of the Koch Brothers and captured 20 minutes of Scott Walker mostly repeating what you’ve heard before.

What I’ve just absorbed while listening to this:

1) Walker sees the statewide protesters of his draconian “repair” bill as “just” public union people, their families , Madison liberals, and out-of-staters.

2) You learn how unmoved he is by 73,000 Wisconsinites who came here from across Wisconsin to fight his bill on Saturday.

3) You know he’s arrogant enough and insulated enough from reality to just accept a call from a supposed “David Koch”. He’s very smug. Maybe a little too comfortable.

4) He is still a preacher’s son. No swearing. No denigrating terms. You may have wanted to catch some trash talking dirt. You may have thought that just by trash talking him you’re hurting him-getting under his skin. When I hear that he doesn’t stoop to swearing and slurs, I now know that he’s just as strong as I am in that department.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Trash talking so you can demonize the “other” doesn’t work.

Having a vision does. What’s your vision? State it. Go there.

5) You know this is going to have to ratchet up as high as it can if Wisconsin people are going to win. When the rally is getting national coverage, many times it’s because he’s getting coverage. We need help on getting national coverage that the Wisconsin rallies are about

  • maintaining a middle class in Wisconsin and in the United States
  • on preserving education funding for our kids,
  • on preserving rights for workers for generations to come

6) We’ve already had an enormous show of in-state protesters. That needs to double and be documented aggressively in media.

7) Governor Walker is still not a Czar. He needs the support of his Republican legislators. The pressure on them needs to amplify tremendously. They need to know they are going to lose their jobs.

The first 10 minutes of Murphy’s tape is below. Find the remaining 10 minutes and his own response at Buffalo Beast

6 thoughts on “Scott Walker recorded as he speaks with David Koch Imposter

  1. Strike out fight back in my message above! “…essential in our effort to maintain..” want to keep that possible message and did not mean to say I want to fight back against the middle class, etc. Thanks for helping me get my message right.

  2. Integrity and clearly articulated vision are essential in our fight back against this effort to maintain a middle class, quality public education that our kids can afford, and defending the right to have a voice in the workplace (e.g., a union)!

  3. Sorry, but the game has not changed. Huge disappointment. No important admissions, not tricked into saying something embarrassing; just a bit of weirdness. Summary of conversation: The “Koch” scam caller did nothing but crack stereotypical right-wing-asshole lines, which the governor basically chuckled along with politely but mostly dismissed. Had the prank caller done some homework, he could have destroyed the governor’s career. Instead, he ended his secretary’s.

  4. This is shocking, if it is true and that really is Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker on the other end of the line.

    Buffalo Beast might wanna consider using some kind of voiceprint verification to legitimize the claim that the voice is Walker’s, for if it can be validated as authentic, this is very important news that will make it’s way into the MSM where it’ll get a wide — and likely sympathetic — audience.

    However, if they fail to provide valid proof that it is Walker’s voice, and meanwhile, others somehow prove that it is not, then Buffalo Beast will lose credibility and the Governor will actually get some props for falling victim to an Andrew Breitbart-style hoax.

    I support the union folks in Wisconsin 100%, so I hope this — whatever you wanna call it — is helping, rather than hurting that cause.

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