It’s 4:44PM and Firefighters Couldn’t Get Into the Capitol for an Emergency Call

And this is my last “live blog” entry for today.

4:23PM Is this starting to sound kinda “Keystone Cops” to you too? ” Security is so restrictive at the state Capitol that firefighters were denied access to the building during an emergency call Tuesday, one of the firefighters said Thursday.” MJSOnline

3:05PM Police Assosication Exec. Jim Palmer calls it “Unreasonable abuse of police power”

“Politics aside, encouraging the forcible detention of duly elected lawmakers because they won‟t allow you to dictate with a free hand is an unreasonable abuse of police power,” said WPPA Executive Director Jim Palmer. “Due to the fact that Wisconsin officers lack any jurisdiction across state lines, does Senator Fitzgerald intend to establish a „lawmaker border patrol? The thought of using law enforcement officers to exercise force in order to achieve a political objective is insanely wrong and Wisconsin sorely needs reasonable solutions and not potentially dangerous political theatrics.” from

The Fab14 Can Use Campaign Funds to Survive.  HERE is where you can contribute.

“The Government Accountability Board staff has been asked whether campaign funds may properly be used by the 14 Democrat senators currently absenting themselves from the state to pay for hotels and other expenses incurred as a result of the decision to leave,” wrote Board general counsel Kevin Kennedy in a February 22 letter to state senators.  “In the opinion of the Board’s staff, campaign funds may be used for this purpose.” More at Washington Examiner.

Why can’t they just use their salaries?
You may recall, a recent change in Senate procedure – voted in by the Republican Senators of course –  required all Senators to come to the Capitol building to collect their payroll checks. Which would place them within Wisconsin and thus make them legally obligated to vote.

1:57PM From Madison’s Capitol to Ed Schultz to friend Roger to You. “Ed Schultz took a call from someone who said he was inside the Capitol. He said they need more people outside and some lawyers.”-a facebook update

1:29PM Wisconsin Palm Trees? We got those.

Remember those couple of guys gearing up to fight in front of some palm trees in Wisconsin? No? Oh. That’s right. That was something FOX news spliced into some coverage on Wisconsin. Some protesters thought they’d kinda help FOX tell the truth. Now there are some palm trees at the protest. But sorry-still no fights. Image is from Matt Baran

12:56 PM Democrat Senators Ordered Arrested. I think this is illegal. “It’s unclear whether the resolution to force the senators back to the Capitol is constitutional. The state Constitution prohibits the arrest of legislators while in session unless they’re suspected of committing felonies, treason or breach of the peace….James Troupis, a private attorney hired by Fitzgerald [Republican Majority Leader of the State Senate], contended Thursday that the move is legal. He cited a portion of  the state Constitution that provides that each house “may compel the attendance of absent members.””

NBC News research backs up what Cap Times says re. Wisconsin constitution prohibiting arrest of legislators in session.


12:02PM Capitol closure court hearing To get live updates from the court hearing on our Governor’s illegal closure of the Capitol building, follow @ACLUMadison and @analeelieseeicher on twitter. For your convenience, I will place a feed of their tweets at the right-hand side of my page.

Excellent Map of State Attacks on Worker Rights. It’s a PDF but loads rapidly. Go HERE.

United Wisconsin is Going to Recall Scott Walker. I think there’s a will and there’s a way. It will happen. Harris Lemberg confirmed this morning on our show that United Wisconsin is the chief actor in the move to recall Walker. Check out United Wisconsin HERE.

Wisconsin Prank Call Bill You know it’s true. Stephen Colbert said it is. I like his brand of truthiness more than Walker’s.

6:42AM March 2nd

Just a pretty stamp. Remember stamps?

I give up. I’m doing it. I’m live-blogging. I don’t know why I tried to avoid this “live blogging”. All it is is journaling the events of the day. It looks sorta slobby. And I’m no slob. (Did you hear that Glenn Grothman?)

10AM Daily Radio Show Guest: Harris Lemberg to discuss the Recall Scott Walker Effort & importance of the Supreme Court election campaign for Joanne Kloppenberg. Link HERE

EVERY day I’m doing a 10AM online radio show with co-host Steve Hanson the hard workin’ man behind Uppity Wisconsin and Solidarity Wisconsin We do a show of the same name. Link HERE and you can listen in live or get the archived versions of shows. AND you can call into (619) 393-2854 to chat with us or ask questions.

Topics Du Jour. Let me know what you’re interested in today. I think I’ll be digging into:

  • Rebuttals to Scott Walker’s funny financial math from those hippy-dippy flower-power news outlets Forbes and Wall Street Journal
  • public access to the Capitol building, I’ll try to get Fred Clark on the line today or in the very near future – he’s the guy you saw in that picture of the Dems desks on the Capitol lawn,
  • refuting the pathetic argument from the Right about the “closed loop” of union campaign funding, and
  • give an update on the number of recall efforts that’ve sprung up against GOP Wisconsin Senators. Might even have
  • information on protests that are springing up along the Americans For Prosperity bus trail. Yup–there’s a Koch Brothers-funded backlash bus tour against unions traversing the state. The fun never stops in Wisconsin.

2 thoughts on “It’s 4:44PM and Firefighters Couldn’t Get Into the Capitol for an Emergency Call

  1. O’rielly, what a joke, didn’t he say “video comes in video comes out never a miscommunication”. Why is it that so many fools follow this liar? It looks like that the top republican candidates for president will be coming from “Fake News/ Fox News”, or should I say “Big Business”, how funny.

    I wonder if “Fake News” has a stable of likely republican supreme court justices (I am sure they will all attend the republican state of the union, unlike Antonin Scalia, Samuel Alito, and Clarence Thomas, scum bags).

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