It all started on a facebook page: 6 minutes with Kristopher Rowe, the organizer of a huge push to recall Senator Alberta Darling, District 8

This is about 6 minutes from a longer interview I did today with Kristopher Rowe – the organizer of the effort to Recall Senator Darling in the 8th District. He took this challenge independent of union or party and has had an overwhelming show of support: 600 volunteers last weekend who gathered thousands of signatures. He started with a facebook page and took it from there.

Kristopher will need to gather approximately 20,000 signatures by May 1, 2011. It’s a goal he has every confidence he will reach. Following, the collected signatures are submitted to the Government Accountability Board for review. If the signatures are released to GAB on May 1 and not earlier, and if all goes well, a special election will then be held in July.

It is possible that there will be both a primary and a standard election. Kristopher was not able to confirm which Democratic or other party candidates are taking a serious look at a run in this impending special election, but he thinks that Darling’s former opponent would like to make a bid: Sheldon Wasserman, an OB/GYN physician (Wasserman’s facebook page)

To be informed, send an email to recalldarling @ me . com

To donate to this effort, go to this ActBlue page.

and also go to the facebook page for the effort:

Here’s a map of Senate District 8

If you are new to this and want to confirm your Senate District, go HERE – the Who Are My Legislators? page will help out.

Darling’s Ballotpedia page,

Politifact’s file on Darling.

The packed first meeting on recalling Alberta Darling.

7 thoughts on “It all started on a facebook page: 6 minutes with Kristopher Rowe, the organizer of a huge push to recall Senator Alberta Darling, District 8

  1. You can sign the petition and drop off a donation at 2510 East Capitol Drive, Shorewood. A volunteer was also collecting signatures outside the Whitefish Bay Sendiks (he was standing on the public sidewalk, so no need to boycott).

  2. Recalls are not as easy as you think. Every signature will be challenged for authenticity as well as allegations of fraud, duplicate signatures etc. I understand the Republicans are gearing up to challenge these petitions in court. So don’t count on
    Ms. Darling going anywhere anytime soon.

  3. @bluecheddar
    Yep, Darling is sadly my senator. I’ve been mostly spending my weekends in Madison though, so I haven’t seen anybody collecting signatures for her recall yet.

    I think this weekend I will be in the Milwaukee area though, so I’ll hopefully be able to find someone with a petition to sign.


  4. Any idea where I could go to sign a recall petition? I sadly don’t have the time to canvass, but I did donate some $ towards the effort.

  5. Don’t apologize for your voice. Your message and enthusiasm… and your voice are awesome. Please keep up the good work and keep tweeting. Many are depending and loving your coverage.

    We’re living in epic times and you’ve got your finger on the pulse.

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