Part 3. 150,000 Welcome the Dem14 Home: I laughed, I cried, I took pictures.

I have video. I have audio. I have photos. They all should be compiled into a multimedia schmorgasbord. But it takes so much time to wrestle with this stuff. Just thinking about it… I need to relax and have a beer. So, for the moment, here are a few photos and comments.

Part 1 and Part 2 say “100,000” Then I heard from Steve Hanson, 150,000. Do you know how many people went to this rally? I do know that I became really uncomfortable at one point as I got smooshed in a big pack that would only inch forward. In broad daylight outside.

I found this odd and frustrating, but then again, once in a while we’d lighten up and pick up in song. Musical packs of humanity. This actually describes normal life here since February 11th.

Darth Walker stood on the corner on the way to Barriques. He wouldn’t talk or change his facial expression, remaining “in character”. Here I laughed.

Judging by posture, profile, and mood, I’d guess these drummers were father and son, or at least relatives. They drummed together solemnly near the head of the Dem 14 parade. At this point, I did cry for a second.

Firefighters, firefighters, firefighters. I will never, ever be tired of firefighters.

Senator Jon Erpenbach getting flirted with, I think.

Senator Kathleen Vinehout. Believe it or not, given the hive effect here, and relative mayhem, this is not a terrible shot.

Can you guess where I was when I took this shot?

Yes. That is a rather large puppet. I was surprised too. I think I said something eloquent like, “Holy crap. Big puppet.” and fumbled for my camera.

A mom was sitting on the sidewalk in an impromptu picnic with her two daughters. It was so crowded, that if we didn’t have this free food there…  I don’t know.

Thanks for all the protester pizza, you donating angels out there. It’s always been a delicious surprise to me. For some reason I thought the pizza would let up, but you never quit. It just kept on coming. It’s been a wonderfully generous thing to witness.

I’m still trying to process this whole combo of Woodstock and street fair and Democracy. For now all I know is that Wisconsin, I think I love you.

Yup. Time to get on the RECALL bus.
Thank you, Wisconsin. Thanks Dem 14. Forward.

4 thoughts on “Part 3. 150,000 Welcome the Dem14 Home: I laughed, I cried, I took pictures.

  1. I was there on Saturday too. It was completely awe inspiring. And what is also remarkable is that everyone out there was so incredibly nice! No cross words anywhere. People went out of their way to be nice to each other. It embodies the best of our society. We had 150,000 people that have devoted their lives to serving others. They teach others, they rescue them from burning buildings, care for them when they are sick, and empower them and make them stronger and smarter and better, and more compassionate human beings. We had the best of our collective humanity in that square. And whenever the Walker bunch see this it makes them despise themselves even more and this in turn makes them bitter and vengeful. If you ever asked any of them if they have EVER spent time taking care of another human being as a major part of their life, I would bet that most, if not all of them would have to say no. That is why it is so hard for the majority of our very large and diverse group to understand their animosity and desire to tear our social systems down.

  2. So often the words you use to describe and congeal all of this are so completely satisfying. Thank you Blue Cheddar for your posts!

    • I’m glad you liked that post, Lynette. Sometimes I feel like I should take a lot more time on things. But then if I do that, they will never get done, and then … So I am relieved that I hit a good note with that one.

  3. Fabulous shots of some of my very favorite people – thanks so much for posting! “Whose House? OUR HOUSE!”; “What does Democracy look like? This is what Democracy looks like!”

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