This is a test of the emergency free speech system.

Ben Masel is the guy that gathered this small band of rabble-rousers in the Capitol. It’s worth watching this to hear Ben yelling outside Walker’s office. And of course he’s a wonderful speaker enjoying the freedom and the theatrics of what we were doing.

I also value what Jeremy has to say here.

Tuesday Jeremy Ryan and a 2nd person were arrested for holding a sign on the 1st floor of the Capitol building. On Wednesday, no people were arrested for doing the same thing. There were 10-12 of us there, including photographer Phil, me, Jeremy Ryan of, and Ben.  Large view of video.

After we were done on the 1st floor, we visited reporters in the press room. They said they wouldn’t cover our activities unless we got arrested.

Jeremy did get arrested the day before. They told him they wouldn’t talk to him until his day in court.

Errr…. Alrighty.

3 thoughts on “This is a test of the emergency free speech system.

  1. Well look at what we got here. It took about 24 hours for some wingnut to comment. Nice how he wants a political cleansing of the very people who protect his own spewish speech.

  2. If there ever was a case to show liberalism is a mental disorder here is a perfect example. Just a bunch of lazy welfare state malcontents with nothing better to do. The old fat bearded guy needs to leave the 60’s behind and learn that Wisconsin is a conservative state and liberals have no place here. Cut your hair trim your beard get a job and stop pretending Abbie Hoffman is still alive.

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