Tomorrow’s April 5 vote in Wisconsin. Voting basics and endorsements!

Some basics on voting and my endorsements.

Details on _why_ I endorse these folks are below, but if you want a brief list, I endorse:

Joanne Kloppenburg for Wisconsin Supreme Court

Joe Parisi for Dane County Executive

Paul Soglin for Mayor of Madison

Sam Stevenson for Madison Alder, District 2

And I vote “YES” on the referendum regarding corporations not being people, and money not being free speech.


Do I need a photo I.D. this year? No. City of Madison has great info. on registration at the polls, as well as a great voter guide.

Where do I vote?  And  Who’s on the ballot?

In Wisconsin you can go to this site at the Government Accountability Board. Type in your address and find the where you vote and the who you can vote for answers.

How do I get the polls if I can’t drive? Often if you call a person from the Democratic or Republican office, you’ll find a helping hand. If you’re in Madison, you can call Union Cab and get a free ride.

Can I vote today? You likely can. Better call someone local for hours. Here’s a directory of Wisconsin city clerk numbers and locations.

If you are in Madison, open hours at the city clerk office are 8 .m. – 5 p.m. Monday, April 4.  And on April 5, all polling places in Madison open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. More HERE

Where do you find information about candidates?

Frankly, probably just googling the candidate name along with the location will help …BUT for your convenience, I pulled together my endorsements and some resources below.


Wisconsin : for Supreme Court Justice-Kloppenburg vs. Prosser

I endorse Joanne Kloppenburg for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice.

Others  who  do:

Green Bay Gazette,

Appleton Post-Crescent,

Wausau Daily Herald,

Sierra Club

For neutral reads on Prosser & Kloppenburg:

Wisconsin’s League of Women HERE, Bill Lueders’ article HERE

Dane County, Madison, and Other:

Interviews with Dane County mayoral, executive, council, and other candidates are HERE from the Dane County League of Women Voters.

Madison Mayor:

I endorse Paul Soglin.

Here’s his blog. He’s also endorsed by Barbara Lawton, Brenda Konkel and Peg Lautenschlauger.

I was left with a negative attitude toward Mayor David Cieslewicz due to:

1)No real support for a win/win/win presented by the Madison Fruits & Nuts which offered landscaping installation, landscaping maintenance, and free fruit trees and plenty of patience.

2)He promoted the Edgewater hotel despite vociferous opposition on the part of the neighborhood.

3)Allowing clauses to slip into proposed zoning changes that hobble housing cooperatives in Madison. They shouldn’t have been there from day 1. Madison, Wisconsin should aggressively promote cooperative organization structures up front.

4) Not insisting that the Central library be funded by Frautchi either in conjunction with the Overture or before the Overture could break ground. Why? A library should be a beautiful and comfortable facility to extend lifelong educational opportunity to its community. To allow a shell of a building to fester across the street from  a gleaming, over-sized glass and steel facility that largely still serves the more prosperous of the area is not only unacceptable, it is an insult to the downtown Madison community. Lastly, it wouldn’t have even been a stretch. Frautchi is married to Pleasant Rowland: someone who’s profited handsomely off of library purchases of her American Girl books nationally.

5) Lastly, Soglin wants it so bad, even I can taste it. He’s done the job well before. It’s how he started his life. It’s the way he wants to go out.

(I’m not even talking about the whole “how the heck does the Overture make any money?” discussion. More fuel for the pro-Soglin fire, IMO.)

Madison City Council:

I live in District 2. I endorse Sam Stevenson.

Sam Stevenson is also endorsed by the Capital times and the Badger Herald. Sam’s words: “I am a professional student in the Masters of Public Health program at the UW-Madison. I have been a campus and community activist for many years as well as a columnist for the student newspaper and volunteer in a county-wide program advocating for neglected and abused children. My history in activism locally has included labor solidarity campaigns, efforts to grant the LGBT community full civil rights, efforts to protect immigrant communities, and efforts to make higher education more accessible to low-income families.”

Bridget Maniaci made a couple of bad missteps. The first one impacted me personally. It’s telling that the needs of 100’s of regular people were ignored while the needs of developers of The Edgewater received top drawer treatment and attention from Maniaci.

1-Completely failed to assist in remedying shortage of parking for hundreds of people at an apartment complex in the middle of the winter during parking lot redo by the city. Given placement of this set of complexes, there was zero legal parking available within 3 blocks on either side.  Failed to return email/call for at least a week.

2-Maniaci has backed the Edgewater project.

Here’s what Stevenson said in response to  “What are the most important issues facing the community you seek to represent? As in the rest of Madison, I feel that the most important issues the community has to address are those that are the source of the greatest amount of human suffering. Based on that principle, I feel the struggle to address the plight of the homeless and those living in poverty must remain a top priority for city officials. Protection for other marginalized groups including renters, minorities and the mentally ill must also be addressed with a creative and impassioned application of city resources. Historic preservation and better mass transit are also priorities for district residents.” More HERE

More on Madison City Council candidates:

Endorsements from Capitol Times – For Madison City Council, The Capital Times endorses Lisa Subeck (District 1), Sam Stevenson (2), Marsha Rummel (6), Steve King (7), Kyle Szarzynski (8), Paul Skidmore (9), Brian Solomon (10), Chris Schmidt (11), Sue Ellingson (13), Jill Johnson (16), Joe Clausius (17), Anita Weier (18) and Matt Phair (20).

Isthmus’ did a brief write-up on each Madison city council candidate.

Dane County:

I endorse Joe Parisi for Dane Co. Executive. Capital Times & Clean Wisconsin Action Fund also endorse him.

Why I endorse:

I like that Joe Parisi’s been the Dane County Clerk and run elections in this county. Dane County is reknown for professional practices and public information in elections. I’ve worked as a poll worker here and I can vouch for a high level of organization and professionalism.

I appreciate that Joe has been aggressively arguing in favor for keeping Wisconsin’s elections as they are: accessible to the electorate via same day registration. More HERE.

I respect and value Joe’s past coming up from a working class background and gaining his first years of education at the MATC tech school, and then transfering to the UW Madison. Lifelong education delivery is not only valued in Dane County, it delivers longterm investment to the area in both business and jobs.

Lastly, I’ve listened to his plans for Dane County in debates and I’ve valued both his ideas and the way he can deliver them.

City of Madison and Dane County Referendum: Corporations are not people.

The Capital Times urges “yes” and “yes” votes on the referendums to get corporate money out of politics and make real the promise of the First Amendment as a protection for citizens, not special-interest groups. An article on the topic is here.  The group behind this is called “Move to Ammend”.

The Madison wording:

“Shall the City of Madison adopt the following resolution: Resolved, the City of Madison, Wisconsin, calls for reclaiming democracy from the corrupting effects of undue corporate influence by amending the United States Constitution to establish that: 1. Only human beings, not corporations, are entitled to constitutional rights, and 2. Money is not speech, and therefore regulating political contributions and spending is not equivalent to limiting political speech.” Yes No

The Dane County wording:

“Should the United States Constitution be amended to establish that regulating political contributions and spending is not equivalent to limiting freedom of speech, by stating that only human beings, not corporations, are entitled to constitutional rights?” Yes No

4 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s April 5 vote in Wisconsin. Voting basics and endorsements!

      • I’m down in Rock County. We had (we voted early by Absentee Ballot) City Council and School Board seats to vote for. It was actually pretty tough to find info on the candidates that was of any substance.

        We don’t have our own local TV stations so aside from a few passing comments on the Madison ones information can be a bit frustrating to locate. And forget the local paper.

        There has been some controversy associated with a couple of candidates and the stance they’ve taken on the BRB so I anticipate it’s possible that some of that might add up to higher turn out. Maybe the fairly big numbers that turned out for the rally at the Forward Janesville dinner is a bellwether.

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