4 thoughts on “Live online discussion of the election oncoming….

  1. Re. District 2, Aldermanic race, Madison Wisconsin
    Stevenson got 1850 votes or 47.8%,
    Maniaci got 2001 votes or 51.70 %
    A write-in got 19 votes or .49%
    “I think she’s a nice person and we have similar taste in music,” Stevenson said. “But I think that I would be a much, much better alder than she will be in the next few years.”

    • Hi Stephanie…Sam did not make it. Maniaci won. 😦 I’ll go back and look at those numbers now. I truly never stay up so late so my body is planning a rebellion or something….it’s not very responsive yet.

      Like many I was pretty riveted to the Prosser/Kloppenburg race. I know it’s miraculous that a come from behind candidate like Joanne is where she is – still – can’t help but want a sound strong win for her…Now it’ll be recounts and more drama.. ughh. Nothing can be simple in wisconsin politics, it seems.

    • Booooo . . . . 😦
      Although, on the plus side, we DID manage to get both Soglin and Parisi, and these are both very good leaders to have in our community (at least, in my opinion). So, that does give me at least a certain amount of optimism.

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