Recount inevitable BUT Unofficial tally and now Rep. Mason announces: Kloppenburg wins by 233. Results Mapped.

Much of Wisconsin has been on the edge of its seat waiting and watching and refreshing the screen at MJS or AP hoping to see Joanne Kloppenburg win.

Based on tweets, a precinct in Milwaukee and the Lake Mills numbers are what we have been waiting for.

And at 12:49PM, a tweet:

“Cory Mason, state assemblyman on FB: Jefferson County in, Kloppenburg wins by 233! #wiunion#wivote #WEareWINNING “- from 2NewEarthRising New Earth Rising  and @PhilipStl:

I am pleased. But I’m not dancing, only because –

1) I’m terribly fatigued and

2) We know there is going to be a recount.

3) I wanted Joanne Kloppenburg to not just win, but *soundly* win.

BUT I know full well that what’s been pulled off by Joanne Kloppenburg and the people of Wisconsin is stunning.

Joanne was not supposed to make it this far.

I hope Joanne Kloppenburg and ther campaign team are feeling some pride in the midst of all of the other emotions they must be experiencing today.

By the way, I don’t blame either candidate for calling an inevitable recount. You’d have to be insane not to demand a recount when your opponent wins by around 0.01 percent of the total vote.

Here is a link to the laws and procedures governing recounts (I will be writing a summary in a bit): Election Recount Procedures from G.A.B.

And below is a map from the It’s Academic blog.

You know I want that whole state to be cobalt blue.

Numbers used were compiled by AP and current as of 11:11AM CST.

6 thoughts on “Recount inevitable BUT Unofficial tally and now Rep. Mason announces: Kloppenburg wins by 233. Results Mapped.

  1. A razor thin victory. Now you see why K-suck in Ohio is trying to disenfranchise 900,000 legal Ohio voters.
    Don’t let it happen to you either.

  2. If this is the best turnout the progressive movement can muster given the unprecedented momentum built over the past 50 days… jeepers.

    • 1) how much $ the other side used, the years of the incumbent in office, etc.-meaning how high the odds are agnst Joanne K
      2) Please man-up if it is at all possible or shut up. Get tenacious fast or you’re dead my friend. We are playing to win. Thanks.

  3. Ben-valid points and thanks. What I am going by: I think people who’ve gone to the lengths that people go through to get elected to the supreme court in wisconsin are the kinds of people that will demand a recount on 0.01% difference in results. And then when you bring it down to Prosser…. honestly, that guy seems above nothing.
    The Right Wing has done a pretty good job of enlisting and organizing poll watchers for some time now. Whether manufactured or real, I don’t doubt that they will come up with charges of mistakes and fraud.
    To get away from the partisan aspects – I’ve worked the polls. Even well-intentioned people do make mistakes.
    Well-it is frustrating to be so close- yet so far. A recount request wld be submitted by midweek next week at the latest. I’m staying positive. We are in a large movement to protect and reclaim this state for all of its public.

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