10AM Online Radio Show This Morning, 4/9

Awake yet?


Today Steve Hanson will  call in from one of the many statewide Wisconsin budget hearing – I seem to recall him changing his mind maybe 3 times about where to go – so I THINK he’ll call the show from Stevens Point.

(Steve called from a Democratic Party-organized unofficial budget hearing in Eau Claire at the technical college. That will run until 4PM today).

I’ll deliver a quick update on where we are with the Waukesha vote controversy and more.

I can’t juggle callers today, but I do pay attention to your tweets to bluecheddar1 and your comments and questions in the chat room you’ll find at the online radio show here:


A chatty aside: What a week! I think all the tumult inspired me to take in 3 adult beverages with the Leftist Cocktail Party group last night. That’s 2 more than my average. I seem to still be functional. You can verify during the show.

I met Capper from the Cognitive Dissidence blog at Genna’s. That guys’ a great prolific blogger – especially pertinent to you Milwaukee or Southeast Wisco readers. He’s stood out in his community as both a Leftie & union advocate, which has brought on some … let’s just call it “flack”  from the Right Wing.  Capper is an active AFSCME member and union leader.

Y’all know I’m a classic granola crunching East sider in Madison. I’d visit Milwaukee more often if it wasn’t for the fact that every time I’m there I get lost for 1 hour. What’s up with those cloverleaf highway interchangey things? Here in Madison we drive on 1-way streets where we use our cat-like reflexes to avoid pedestrians and bikers.  Ooops. I said “we”. I usually go for the bus.  Much less stressful. I’m getting all the heart palpitations I can stand by watching Wisconsin politics.

Carol “blue cheddar”

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