I will be at The Ed Schultz Show at The Barrymore 4:30PM. It’s a Madison, Wisconsin Town Hall

Here we go. Yet another quickly planned who-the-heck-knows-how-this-will-go event:  I’ll be at the Barrymore Theater on Atwood 4:30PM and into the evening taking part ina  “town hall” with Ed Schultz. I’ll be interviewing people – sending easily digested audio to SolidarityWisconsin.com and then  tweeting those brief interviews out to you – – I hope.

Also to come: coherent bits of text and photos here.

While Ed Schultz and I are two people not alike, I have to hand it to the guy: he showed up and did a live show right on the square on February 16th, the Wednesday after Walker’s release of Wisconsin Act 10.

He showed up. He did it.- – -I now have that same feeling towards Ed that you feel for the friend who helped you move on a 90 degree day in summer.

Or the indebtedness you feel for the person who rescues you from the side of the road with the broken down car.

I learned about the free event late last night. I heard Tammy Baldwin and some folks from the Mic 92.1 – – which I’d bet means John Nichols and the man known only as “Sly” – will be there.  I hope to run into new 92.1 producer  Jack Craver, AKA Wiss Sconz on facebook or @thesconz on twitter and Isthmus’ Daily Page.

Hope to see @millbot, @dane101, @scoutprime of the blog First Draft…anybody from the @uptake in town? If so, their blogs and sites should also be aggregating some content.

If you’re thinking of coming – – I don’t know that it’ll work out if you do not already have a ticket. I stood in line at 12 Noon to get one. I was instructed to show up at 4:30PM to then be let in so I can wait (and perhaps drink beer? rumor has it such beverages are sold there) for the 6:30 event.

At 5PM the tickets are rendered useless as a come one come all approach takes over.

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