Scott Walker grilled to a crisp in Washington D.C.

First grilling of the season. And they’re all sooooooo good. You can’t enjoy just one. But if there were only one to take in, I would select Gwen Moore’s. She is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

“Gov. Scott Walker called his approach to Wisconsin’s budget “truly progressive” during his testimony Thursday morning in Washington, D.C.

Walker began testifying at 9:30 a.m. EST before the U.S. House of Representatives’ Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. The hearing is about “State and Municipal Debt: Tough Choices Ahead”.”-full article at

Watch all 3 hours of  testimony at CSPAN.

A Direct Link to YouTube if you prefer for “Congresswoman Gwen Moore Questions Governor Scott Walker before Congressional Committee” – 

Are you ready to apologize to the people of Wisconsin for hiring the son of a donor, Brian Deschane, to an administration position when better qualified candidates had also applied?

“That person was five levels below me. When that hiring was brought to my attention I had my staff go back and have that person taken out of that position and I acknowledge the fact that there are more qualified people and I asked another person be put into that.”

– A direct link to YouTube if you prefer for “Rep. Bruce Braley questions Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker” 

How much money does requiring an annual vote for union representation save the state of Wisconsin?

“That particular part doesn’t save any.”

How much does prohibiting employees from paying union dues from paychecks save the state of Wisconsin?

“It would save employees up to $1000 per year they could use to pay for pensions and health care contribution.”  “It’s to give workers a right. It’s to give workers the right to choose.”

Link direct to YouTube, if you prefer for “Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Admits It”  


3 thoughts on “Scott Walker grilled to a crisp in Washington D.C.

  1. As a municipal, union employee, I used to pay $312 annually for my union dues. Those were taken out of my paycheck pre-tax. So let’s say that $312 was back on my paycheck – I’m in a 33% tax bracket- so I would lose about $103 of that to the federal government. And then I’m supposed to turn around and contribute that to my pension? Hmmmm…I would be “eligible” to retire in 25 years….wow! that would be a whoppin’ $5250 (before interest) that I’d have saved up for my pension! Whoopie! I’m retiring to Disney World!

  2. My husband is a public employee and contrary to Walker’s grandstanding, even if we chose not to pay union dues (which we wouldn’t), we wouldn’t save anywhere near $1k. In fact, we’d save a pittance of a fraction of that…a drop in the bucket…and not even enough to buy my family groceries for a month, let alone make up for the cut in pay. We pay so little in union dues that we can’t even claim it as a deduction on our Federal tax return.

    I have to say, I preferred Kucinch’s grilling myself. It was nice to hear the Governor admit for once that this has nothing to do with budgets and everything to do with ideology.

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