Recall Signatures Submitted Against Republican Senator Cowles of Green Bay

Today at approximately 1:30PM, a caravan of people arrived at Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Office with boxes of signatures to recall Green Bay Senator Robert Cowles. Volunteer Jonah Lenss had the happy honor of submitting the 26,000 signatures on his birthday. The Committee to Recall Cowles had to gather 15,960 signatures by May 2nd.  A total of 19 campaign committees initially submitted papers to start recalls against 16 Wisconsin state senators.

The G.A.B. and several recall organizations are appealing for an extension of the 31 days allowed by state law to review recall signatures.

Lenss said, “It took a lot of weekends-a lot of walking – a lot of knocking on doors.” and “We had 60 days, and it did not take us all 60 days.”

When asked why Lenss got behind the effort to recall Cowles, he said,

“The union rights were established through bipartisan effort and were taken away by this senator. He voted to take away those rights from the working people and I didn’t think that was right.”

There is no announced candidate to run against Sen. Cowles yet. Cowles’ district is Wisconsin Senate District 2.

More information on other recall signatures submitted is HERE.

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