Anthony Bourdain: Tea Party looks “dumb as a sack full of hammers”

Bourdain says what you already know about the Tea Party.

But it’s a great pleasure to hear it on CNN – – which has been recently slipping dangerously close to Fox territory. It’s just 1 min. 8 seconds.

Anthony Bourdain is a guest with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. Bourdain is better known for being a snarky and successful New York City chef on the show “No Reservations” on the Travel Channel. Bourdain is asked what he thinks of the Tea Party:

“If I were a conspiratorially minded person I would think that Michelle Bachmann, for instance, was the creation of some evil Democratic group to make them [the Tea Party] all look like looney-toons and dumb as a sack full of hammers.”

If you’re curious, the book he mentioned is by Hampton Sides: Hellhound on His Trail

It’s an account of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the FBI’s  massive global manhunt for James Earl Ray.

A typical rave review on amazon: “You know the ending and still Hampton Sides keeps you turning the pages. Sides’ exceptional attention to detail and his masterful storytelling makes this book a must-read. Sides has raised the bar for narrative nonfiction.”

And from reviewer Andy Orrock-

“Though focused mainly on following the rapidly converging tracks of King and his killer for the first 40 to 50% of the book, Sides also has meaty, fascinating passages on both George Wallace and J. Edgard Hoover. Of particular note, Sides focuses on the ‘cognitive dissonance’ of Hoover leading the hunt for King’s assassin: “A hidebound FBI director charged with finding the assassin of a man he loathed, all the while answerable to (yet barely on speaking terms with) a liberal young attorney general (Ramsey Clark) who revered the deceased.”

Despite that bias, the FBI’s performance in identifying the killer, piecing together his trail and apprehending him (in conjunction with Canadian help and Scotland Yard) is nothing short of miraculous. “

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