It’s raining Wisconsin politics. Election reform hearing, GOP and Harsdorf attack WiscNet, Walker math, “Down and dirty” time


There’s just a lot going on.

Election Reform: I will make this public hearing of the Assembly Committee on Election and Campaign Reform. I think I’ll hear from Kloppenburg/Prosser recount volunteers who observed some mysterious things such as barely closed ballot bags, torn-open bags, and piles of ballots discovered. I know 10:15AM is too early for drinking games, but maybe if this is on Wisconsin Eye tomorrow and you’re viewing from home, you can take a swig of coffee every time somebody utters “Kathy Nickolaus”. Incidentally, if you wanted to get some official info on how to vote now in Wisconsin, here’s GAB’s document on that.

Republican under reacall, Senator Sheila Harsdorf, sponsored a budget provision which disables WiscNet. Why? I don’t know. To profit some telecom company? Quoted in this WPR story, Bill Esbeck says that he doesn’t think the University of Wisconsin should be competing with the private sector. But what it does to schools and libraries is not good:
“If our schools and libraries must use other Internet providers most will pay at least 2-3 times more than what WiscNet now charges. Furthermore, other Internet providers base their charges on how much bandwidth a school or library has – the higher the bandwidth, the higher the Internet costs. WiscNet’s funding formula is not based on bandwidth. Thus as schools and libraries continue to increase their bandwidth, their WiscNet costs remain the same. With our schools and libraries facing substantial budget reductions, how can anyone justify making them pay more for less service?” Tony Evers, State Superintendent Note: Rep. Strachota also sponsored the change in WiscNet.

14 for the 14
The Democratic Party of Wisconsin is making 14,000 calls to support the Dem14 with volunteer help. This is a Madison event occurring at 609 East Washington Ave. If this isn’t convenient to you, maybe you’d like to canvass for any 1 of these 8 candidates or donate? See

John Matthews says it is time to get “Down and dirty” Cap Times focuses on Executive Director of Madison Teachers, Inc.
John Matthews who says about teachers, “They’re ready to do whatever it takes.” It’s not ALL sunshine and lollipops for Matthews in this article: “School Board member Maya Cole criticized Matthews for harboring an “us against them” mentality at a time when the district needs more cooperation than ever to successfully educate students.” Matthews is the leader of a four-day sick-out that closed school in February.

Walker Mathematics Lesson 7PM I’ll be heading down to Walkerville to hear about Walker Math. This involves no zombies, boxing, or singing grannies. I guess nobody could figure out how to put a quirky spin on Walker’s budget. Presenting is Dr. Michael Rosen, economist and faculty at Milwaukee Area Technical College,

Ending on a positive note. Nice piece by Mike Elk.
“Activists have been gaining a confidence and creativity in their ability to take on entrenched corporate power while at the same time union members have become more involved in running their unions. This promises to have a generational long-term effect much greater than any recall election for a four-year state senate term.” More at The Good News in Wisconsin that the Media Isn’t Covering


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