More photos from today’s Wisconsin budget protest

Here’s a slideshow. If you’d like some easy-to-share and downloadable images, check out the facebook album HERE.

I’d like to write something wise about the damage done inside the Capitol today.  But I’m getting some video together.

For the moment I’ll just say that I am still the same person I was and I still hold the same values going forward. Acts perpetrated against the people of Wisconsin inside of the Capitol building in the legislature and inside of the Wisconsin Supreme Court today do not stop the movement you and I have already started.

There is no choice but to fight back and fight hard.

There is no choice but to recall.


2 thoughts on “More photos from today’s Wisconsin budget protest

  1. I wish I shared your optimism. My husband and I are still young…can’t say as the thought of moving elsewhere hasn’t (and isn’t) crossed our minds. For what reason do these folks think young families like ours would want to stay? What promise or advantage will our state and it’s school system have left to offer my children?

    Regardless, thank you for your posts today. They were a much needed addition to today.

    • If you decide to leave the state because of the changes, all I ask is that you write a letter about that and share it freely so it’s on the record. Walker is driving people away with this radical agenda.

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