Video: Justice David Prosser’s “abusive” conduct is “troubling”

Here’s the 41 second video posted by the organization One Wisconsin Now on March 27, 2011. It needs to be updated with the recent strangling. This would be comical if it wasn’t real. I’m imagining this video being freshened up every few months as the list of bizarre behaviors piles up – first the “bitch” yelling at Justice Abrahamson last year, then this strangling of Justice Ann Walsh Bradley, then…what…a fist fight or running somebody over with a car? Just how many bizarre behaviors and offenses will Prosser commit before he’s pushed out of his post?

Do judges have impunity from the same laws they force us to abide by?

Link to the video

Note on the definition of “strangling” – Strangling is compression of the neck that may lead to unconsciousness or death by causing an increasingly hypoxic state in the brain. It is not by definition fatal.-source Wikipedia

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