Republican Leader Accuses Dems. of “Intimidating People”

I just finished reading this article from WBAY news. There are a couple of things that caught my attention.

“They have a different method of intimidating people. We don’t intimidate people,” This quote comes from the Brown Chair of the Republican party, Vern Krawczyk.  This quote could be taken a couple of ways. Is he saying that people feel intimidated because volunteers are calling and canvassing for Nancy Nusbaum ? He says “we don’t intimidate people”, but the first part of the quote says the Democrats use a different method of intimidation. If the Democrats are using a different method of intimidation, what is the normal method? Who exactly uses this normal method, but most importantly, what did Vern mean by that comment.

I think there are plenty of people in Dave Hanson’s district that are intimidated by the Republican that is facing him in the August general election.  Vanderleest has a long and interesting personal history as found this.  I find the idea of Vanderleest winning the election more frightening than having canvassers coming to my door or calling me at home.

The Democrats deserve a huge pat on the back for all their hard work.  There has been a huge push to Get Out the Vote for Nancy Nusbaum.  Volunteer Colin Donovon is quoted as saying “I think we’ve made 7,000 calls in the past three days, which is the most of any of the recall campaigns that are going on right now,” They had 75 volunteers come in yesterday to help and expect more today.

Remember to vote for Hansen if you are in WI Senate District 2 on July 19.  Monetary donations are always welcome and appreciated.  Please consider making a donation if you are able, and/or volunteering your time to help Dave Hansen.

OK, now THAT'S intimidating


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