Please watch. I think he’s right. Countdown with Keith Olbermann – Special Comment – Our Broken System

This statement from Keith Olbermann is brilliant. I also believe his level of alarm is correct for the situation at hand. Below I’ve summarized the leading points and then I follow with a transcript of Keith’s closing words.

I agree that whatever window we have to our representative government is closing. We must pry it open and keep it open.

– Unproductive wars have led to this debt situation

– The recent drama of the debt crisis is an artificially created crisis

– The appointed “Super-Congress Committee” is unconstitutiontal, it won’t cut defense, and it is a vehicle to palm off responsibility for cutting programs that serve people. It exposes how hypocritical the Tea Party is: They’ve been bawling for two years about the need for constitutional government

– A mandated balanced budget by constitutional amendment is idiotic and can have catastrophic results if we need money for a war, a natural disaster, or terrorism

– We are reliving the economic mistakes of the Great Depression and Hoover. We learned then that when the consumers and the businesses are not spending, the government must spend.

– Corporations and the wealthy are further indemnified and given further license to buy political power

– A new stealth ‘tax’ is placed on the backs of average Americans – 99 out of 100 Americans – in the debt deal as they get less of their needed services while they continue to pay their taxes into the system

– The media won’t risk its position to express outrage
– Politicians won’t express outrage.
– The “middle ground” obsessed with entertainment won’t express outrage.

You are the one responsible for expressing outrage.

He concludes:
“The betrayal of what this nation is supposed to be aobut did not begin with this deal and it surely will not end with this deal. There is a tide pushing back the rights of each of us and it has been artificially induced by union-bashing and the sowing of hatreds and fears and now this ever more institutionalized economic battering of the average American.It will continue and it will crush us. Because those who created it are organized and unified and hellbent. And the only response is to be organized and unified and hellbent in return.

“We must find again the energy and the purpose of the 1960’s and early 1970’s and we must protest this deal and all the god damn deals to come in the streets. We must arise nonviolently but insistently. General strikes, boycotts, protests, sit-ins, non-cooperation, takeovers. But modern versions of that resistance facilitated and amplified by a weapon our predecessors did not have: the glory that is instantaneous communication. It is from an old and almost cliched motion picture that the wisdom comes: First you’ve got to get mad. I can not say to you meet here or there at this hour or that one and we’ll peacefully break the back of government that now exists merely to get its functionaries reelected. But I can say that the time is coming when the window for us to restore the control of our government to ourselves will close and we had damn well better act before then. Because this deal is more than a tipping point in which the government goes from defending the safety net to gutting it. This is WRONG and while our government has now declared that it has given up the concept of right and wrong, you and I have not and will not do so. Good night and good luck.”

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