Republican margin-of-terror dropped down to 1 vote from 3 in Wisconsin’s Senate

By Aredee

It’s lamentable that we didn’t take back the state Senate, but it wasn’t a total loss; in fact it was quite an historic victory.

In the entire history of the state, Wisconsin has had only four legislative recall elections–and only two of those were successful–until yesterday. We replaced two reactionaries–who were backed by huge out-of-state contributions–with progressives.
And now the Republican margin-of-terror in the Wisconsin Senate is one vote, rather than three.

I am as negative about the condition of this country as anybody else, but let’s give ourselves credit where it’s due.

When Goldwater lost to LBJ in the ’64 landslide, America’s right wing regrouped and reorganized to bring us Reagan, Bush, and the Tea Party.

Progressives need to understand that our task is also one of long-term planning and perseverance. Toward that end. I’ll accept even a partial victory over total defeat any day.

One other thought: assuming the Dems don’t get kicked out in next week’s recalls, the result of last night does improve things for progressives.

With only a one vote Senate majority, the Republican’s hold on the Senate has been weakened, and with the presence of at least one true GOP moderate, Dale Schultz, the right-wing legislative agenda is even weaker. Not an ideal outcome for us, but not entirely terrible, either.

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