Scott Walker can put the squeeze on his own recall with rule changes

Scott Walker has the power to put the squeeze on the recall effort against him by changing administrative rules.

The process of distributing and verifying recall signature forms as well as stickering student ID’s for voting were on the table in yesterday’s Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules. Kevin Kennedy, G.A.B.’s director, made the case for downloading a recall petition template and pre-populating it with addresses in a process already used in the case of absentee ballots. Kennedy added that single-signature petitions are already accepted by G.A.B. for candidate nominations.

But in heated discussions, it was also made clear that whatever power the supposedly non-partisan Government Accountability Board has in interpreting and administering state statutes in the recall process could be rendered useless by Scott Walker.

Senator Lena Taylor said: “You gave this governor the authority to accept or reject administrative rules. By you choosing to take this from the GAB to have them shift this from policy to a rule, you give the governor authority to decide on this.”

“Legislative Council agreed, saying that the “new procedures would require gubernatorial approval of the scope statement as well as the final version of the rule.”- Rebecca Kemble’s piece in the Progressive.

It’s because Walker was granted greater executive authority by the Republican-dominated state legislature in May.

From a May 23rd piece at Blogging Blue: “Under legislation he signed into law earlier today, Republican Gov. Scott Walker will gain the power to block administrative rules written by state agencies and other elected state officials. Previously, administrative rules were written by state agencies and reviewed by the Legislature, but Republicans in the State Senate and Assembly were all too willing to cede that power to Gov. Walker, in the process weakening the ability of their branch of state government to act as a check and balance against the power of the governor.”

The committee postponed any vote on the matters discussed and Vukmir said, “We’ll take that under consideration and we’ll decide that in the next few days. We need to take the time to think about issues that were raised here today.”

For more on this meeting, including the awkward and revealing statements of the committee’s co-chair Sen. Lydia Vukmir, read Rebecca Kemble’s post Is Scott Walker Going to Make the Rules on His Own Recall? To see the meeting for yourself, visit this link on wiseye.

Photos are from friend, Nicole.

Vukmir: “This is not about the people, this is about the GAB.”

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