Teacher Lets 4th Graders Enjoy Wisconsin Solidarity Sing Along-Gets reprimand+15 minutes of fame

FOX6 out of Milwaukee ran this story on its web site:

Their hard-hitting investigative team caught 4th graders on a field trip singing with the Solidarity Sing Along group. They also report that the students’ Portage teacher got a letter of reprimand placed in his file for allowing the kids to sing a version of This Land is Your Land that says in the end:

This house is your house.
This house is my house!
From the rotunda
to the Governor’s office!
Scott Walker…
Will never push us out!
This house was made for you and me!

If THAT curls your hair, then this blogger has another shocker.

They also say “Video of the incident was aired by FOX6 in Milwaukee earlier this week” I was actually present in the rotunda on the day of filming. I’ll have to review some files to figure out the exact date, but I think this happened a couple weeks ago. It was September 27th. I’m wondering how they could hold onto this *scandalous* tale for so long?

A word from Portage School District Administrator Charles Poches:
“The district addressed the situation as soon as we were notified. The problem was we were not notified until Fox 6 contacted us,” Poches said. “There was never any intent from the district of hiding something. It’s just we were never notified of the incident because most people didn’t think it was an incident.”

Were they waiting to do some distracting closer to the mother of all recalls – the impending gathering of signatures to kick off a vote of no confidence against Scott Walker? Hmmm. I’ll never know because I don’t have a hard-hitting investigative team like that of FOX 6.
‘Tis a pity we can’t send those newshounds to also cover the 18 people getting arrested here and there for legally recording government meetings in Assembly chambers.

Now brace yourself. Ready for pigs to fly? In a rare act of FOX social media promotion, I will share a link to their facebook page so you can add your 2 cents to it. It’s right HERE.

Have to hand it to these hucksters. We are stuck going to their facebook page since 1/2 of the TV story they do here is about what people say there.

[Make sure you visit the Solidarity Sing Along page, too. ]

More! I want to know more about the Solidarity Sing Along!
While I have your valuable attention on the eminently successful Solidarity Sing Along group, I may as well let you know they’ve conducted 203 Solidarity Sing Along gatherings now and started the whole thing on March 11. They meet every weekday at noon at Wisconsin’s Capitol building with Monday and Friday spent outside by the Lady Forward statue and the other days spent inside the Rotunda.

This is the funnest choir I’ve ever had a chance to be a part of. All you do is sing. There is no practicing 1 phrase to get it perfect. That being said, 203 sings has made them darn near perfect anyway. They sing a mix of labor and folk songs that are jazzed up by lyrics that speak to the Wisconsin protests. You can see a selection of their songs on WNPJ’s site which sponsors the sings and download your own PDF copy of their songbook.

Here’s a video of the version of This Land is Your Land that the 4th graders sang. It’s a bit dated: the filmer has to go through the metal detectors which used to be in place. To hear the Scott Walker mention you can skip to the very end of it.

Backup video link.

One thought on “Teacher Lets 4th Graders Enjoy Wisconsin Solidarity Sing Along-Gets reprimand+15 minutes of fame

  1. ) “A lack of professional judgement”? I am appalled that Portage School District Administrator Charles Poches would call for such an anti-social action from a teacher! (I think I would cut his salary with or without Walker “austerity”! A teacher should try to prevent children from singing along in a public space?
    No doubt some children sung along because they had been in rallies before, singing the same song. It is a stirring song. It was a Sing-A-Long. It is their State Capitol! The teacher is supposed to pull a student back and tape their mouth?
    No wonder the Walker is out funding raising money from other states to save his administration grande scheme: Wisconsin kids can sing!

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