Which will turn off the Latino voter more: GOP debate footage or Obama’s crackdown on immigrants?

President Obama told a group of Hispanic journalists Wednesday that his re-election campaign could win over Latino voters just by showing them clips from Republican debates. Or in other words: “Never mind what I am really doing to Latino immigrants. Look at the scary GOP clowns.”

“We may just run clips of the Republican debates verbatim,” he added. “We won’t even comment on them, we’ll just run those in a loop on Univision and Telemundo, and people can make up their own minds.” – USA Today

Winning the Latino vote is of chief importance to any contender for the gig of President of the USA because, “in 2008, there were approximately 18 million eligible Latino voters; in 2012, there will be approximately 22 million eligible Latino voters” according to the Guardian.

Whatever the spin is, the facts are that Obama’s administration is deporting a record number of immigrants:
“From Oct. 1, 2010, to the end of last month, federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials expelled 396,906 illegal immigrants – the largest number in the agency’s history.

Annual deportations have increased 400 percent since 1996, with “more than a million people [expelled] since the beginning of the Obama administration,” notes a University of California at Berkeley Law School study released this month.”
More on the report Secure Communities by The Numbers and the PDF is HERE.

A group called “Uncover the Truth” is working to expose what Obama’s ICE division is doing and especially how devastating these deportations are to communities and families.

So what footage might Obama be talking about with these debates?

I thumbed through the more bizarre snippets from the debates the GOP keeps on broadcasting for our combined horror and amusement. Here we go.

Rick Perry actually comes out looking sane in this segment from a Tea Party-sponsored debate in Florida. Of course the hatred in the audience boils over and they boo him. He defends signing legislation that lets some illegal immigrants in Texas to have in-state tuition – saying it is a hand up to people pursuing citizenship and “being contributing members of our society””

This is Cain questioned on a previous assertion that he would put up an electrified fence across the entire U.S.-Mexico border:

He asserted that the kill-people-with-an-electric-fence thing was a joke:

Here’s the YAY! death penalty footage. As of January 2011, about 1/3 of all people on death row in Texas are Latino.

Should we just let that sick 30 year old without health insurance die after the 6 month coma? Audience: “Yeah!! …”

Gay soldier is booed by audience. A note on gay rights and the Latino voter: While it was repeatedly reported that African Americans and Latinos in California were key in defeating Proposition 8, an analysis of the vote by Patrick J. Egan, Ph.D. of NYU indicates that party identification, ideology, frequency of religious service attendance and age were the key factors.

More on immigrants in America:
Frontline’s Lost in Detention – an examination of the Obama administration’s controversial immigration get-tough policy

Immigration Uproar by Worley Dervish

Rick Perry’s ‘Ultimate Justice’ or Why Words Matter by Appleton Wonk

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