A Working Stiff Calls “bullcrap” on the Republican Agenda: Terry Fritter’s Testimony

I think “Top Walker Stalker” when I see Terry Fritter. I’ve seen him in nearly all the protesting-Scott-Walker videos I’ve seen. He’s even followed Walker to Tennessee. [I’ve only made it as far as Fort Atkinson].

After seeing this video I don’t just think “Walker Stalker” when I see Terry– I think “truth teller”. This is his November 17, 2011 testimony in front of a Joint Committee on Employment Relations. He does an excellent job of explaining the Wisconsin Republican agenda in plain terms while also drawing on the 13th, 14th and 15th amendment to the constitution-a document we all hold sacred and certainly what the Wisconsin Tea Party has proclaimed it held sacred.

He’s not eloquent but he is riveting. He is completely authentic, even a little funny–stopping to wish his mom a “Happy Birthday”. He calls himself a working stiff – a guy who was dealing with slaughter in Oscar Meyer for years and now with animals under experimentation at the UW Madison. He’s in touch with the other working stiff union employees that are not “the haves” and are suffering dire consequences for the union gutting acts the Republicans are doing under the guise of “budget balancing”. As eloquent as a John Nichols or Peter Barca speech might be, they are not speaking from the trenches the way Terry is. Only a working stiff can deliver a working stiff speech.

Terry says after working with animals he is “pretty knowledgeable about animal feces” and can identify bullcrap when he sees it. Terry: I see it too. Thanks for getting up there and calling the bullcrap out.

Backup link to video.

Thank you to ladyforward1 for the video. You can subscribe to her YouTube channel.
Hat tip to Bill D. for sharing with me.

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