Scott Walker’s Ad to Recall Himself

This is a rare moment. Here goes. Ready? I’m going to say it:
Let’s let Scott Walker do the talking.

This epic ad was brought to you by the facebook page
Shit Scott Walker is Doing to My State

Want to know more about that 1st recall? Interesting reading awaits.

Walker got into office as Milwaukee County Executive on a recall after Tom Ament resigned. This extraordinary April 2006 entry from the blog Watchdog Milwaukee says Walker had his way paved by GOP media lapdogs Charlie Sykes and MJS Journal Communications who flogged Democrats and obscured Walker’s Norquist-style drowning of government at all costs.

3 thoughts on “Scott Walker’s Ad to Recall Himself

  1. The Watchdog Milwaukee info is quite revealing. I’m going to post this at the local recall office for people to read.

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