Wisconsin State Rep. Michelle Litjens Not Seeking Re-Election

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! In what could be viewed as the best Valentine’s day present for this wonk, TMJ is reporting that Tea Party and John Birch Society darling Michelle Litjens won’t be seeking re-election. She is one of 3 state-level GOP legislators that have decided to leave political life. The other two GOP legislators not seeking re-election are Richard Spanbauer and Dan Meyer.

According to the article: “Litjens was elected in 2010. She says she has helped turn the state around and now wants to spend more time with her family.” If by turning around she means go backwards, then her statement is accurate, but I prefer moving out state forward.

News of Michelle Litjens not seeking re-election makes me wonder who will run as a Republican in her district. I know of two Democratic candidates running for this seat, Diana Lawrence and Richard Schoenbohm.

Stay tuned folks because this race could get interesting fast.

5 thoughts on “Wisconsin State Rep. Michelle Litjens Not Seeking Re-Election

  1. Don’t know what I was thinking. Forgot she was a favorite of Wisconsin Realtors. May I shift my money to that pile please.

  2. This actually surprises me quite a bit. She was turning in to quite the conservative to watch. Her name popped up in exactly the situations and on exactly the legislation that you’d expect from a rising righty star. So, where do you think she’ll land? I put my money on Wisconsin Family Council, but I wouldn’t rule out Americans for Prosperity or McIver.

  3. I had the same thought when she said she has helped turn the state around. Unfortunately, it was in the wrong direction.

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