ALEC rat hunt leads to interview with MacIver’s Brian Fraley on Koch money in Wisconsin

This is another fine video from Arthur of the facebook page SSWIDTMS. He’s the man who brought you video of Joel Kleefisch’s voter fraud in the Assembly.

It’s a video of the ALEC rat hunt, coordinated as part of a nationwide Occupy Wall Street action against ALEC [if you’re still rather unfamiliar with this corporate-funded legislation mill, please see AlecExposed]

At the 2:14 mark of the video below he interviews Brian Fraley, communications director with the right wing “think” tank MacIver Institute. For just a quick sample of how that goes:

Arthur: “I was wondering what Koch said about his donations to Americans for Prosperity – and the MacIver partnership with Americans for Prosperity.

    He said he is directly helping Walker.

To my understanding the MacIver Institute and Americans for Prosperity aren’t allowed to directly lobby against or for any candidate”

Brian Fraley: “..The It’s Working television campaign…in none of our communications have we mentioned a candidate for office or a politician…”

Arthur: “The money that he spent went to you…”

When you’re done with the video, please consider offering a donation to Arthur’s video equipment fund.

The man who you’ll see calling out ALEC rats by name is a chief organizer of this action, John Peck from Family Farm Defenders.

Photo credit: pchgorman of flickr,Creative Commons license

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