Greta Van Susteren interview with Scott Walker and Mahlon Mitchell

If you don’t think you can stomach hearing Scott Walker repeat “big government unions” repeatedly through an entire 16 minute interview, maybe you’d like to just check in on the 1:20 minute mark when some footage shows protesters in the rotunda or at the 4:45 mark when you hear some holiday-themed singing in front of the giant Capitol evergreen tree.

Or skip ahead to the 7 minute mark for her interview with Mahlon Mitchell, candidate for the seat of Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin. Mahlon Mitchell is the President of the Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin (PFFW). He became famous for frequent speeches at Wisconsin’s Capitol square protests.

Here are just a few of my notes from the interview:

*Walker emphasizes his old lie – that we were bussed and flown in.

*He pushes the story that if Wisconsin didn’t have him, it would fall to the ills of Illinois and he compares Wisconsin unemployment to Illinois unemployment saying they’re at 10% and that Wisconsin is at 6.9% unemployment.

Watch the latest video at

Link to the video.

*Naturally Walker won’t mention his constant fund raising junkets like his stop at Palm Beach, the “ATM of American politics” , but says that he has lots of contributions that are $50 or less from his web site.

*Walker says on the public that “when they see that the schools are the same or better than they were before” they will know that “the sky is not falling”.  I’ll let the teachers and parents of Wisconsin respond to that one in comments.

*Walker says that a lot of those people who signed over 1 million petitions against him  are not regular voters so they may not turn out at the polls.

*Greta says Wisconsin has a “long and tortured political history” making it sound fairly Medieval in the Midwest.  I laughed.

*Greta speaks to Mahlon Mitchell for quite a while. That conversation picks up just before the 7 minute mark. Mahlon says that unions do not want to bankrupt the state. I think he does an OK job but he needs some more practice taking a little more time with these answers even when somebody like Greta VanCistern rushes him. He stumbles on what the corporate tax rate is right now, but keep in mind that he sounds authentic and passionate as usual. That’s unlike a politician and a lot of us really like the sound of that.

In response to hearing his words, Walker says Mahlon Mitchell is a “good guy” and reflective of people in Madison who say that they’re fighting for the middle class “when they’re just standing up for the big government unions”.

And then Walker says, “We’re sitting in the city of Milwaukee tonight. Mayor Tom Barrett was able to save the tax payers about $25 million dollars because of our reforms.”

That’s probably why Barrett won’t run against Walker  – aside from the fact that Barrett is a weak campaigner to begin with.  And that union leaders will undermine him. And that a lot of people jumped all over him [me included] for having no clue if he would sign Walker’s recall when asked.

All in all either this isn’t so bad or I’m getting used to this stuff. I didn’t retch at all during this whole thing except for that moment at the end when Walker calls Paul Ryan “courageous”.


This interview is from 03/19/12

Backup link to interview video. 

And interesting side note – the ScottWalker youtube channel is pushing a shorter 9:48 minute version of the same thing.  Probably cuts out more of Mahlon.  I’m not going to watch all this stuff again right now.  Might push me over the edge.

6 thoughts on “Greta Van Susteren interview with Scott Walker and Mahlon Mitchell

  1. Recalls should be a lot of work – people need to realize that ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES. Do not vote based on tag-lines, but it is important to do your homework and understand just who you are voting for.

    Big Wake Up call for Wisconsin voters.

    • Lee – Terrible way to wake up, but indeed: Huge wake up call. It is difficult to not cast blame upon some of the folks on “my side” for us being in this mess in the first place. I try not to.

  2. The fire in the background must have been Walker’s pants. We no more needed a fireplace yesterday than we have palm trees in WI. Walker’s brother spending $800 for health insurance (family of 4) and 401K contribution is a comparitive good deal. Shows how out of touch Walker is on how much health insurance costs for family coverage under the least expensive State plan–it’s more than $800/mo. Add the rest of his lies and it’s business as usual for Walker. As to the people protesting and wanting to recall him being from out of state, how would he know? He doesn’t even talk to WI citizens unless they run into him at a fundraiser.

  3. Great information. Thanks. And funny you should bring up the funky hair and prison. I was just watching this: “Former Gov. Rod Blagojevich: A glimpse of his prison life to come. On Tuesday, March 13, Ratna Peace Initiative members shared their thoughts on an inmate’s life at Federal Correctional Institution Englewood in Littleton, Colo.”

  4. Let’s compare Illinois and Wisconsin – True Illinois unemployment is 9.4% and Wisconsin’s is 6.9 % But lets go a little deeper Wisconsin in January 2012 had 78 mass layoff events Illinois had only 55 mass layoff events. Oh, here’s another fun fact 6,014 initial claimants in January and Illinois had only 4,823 initial claimants. Wisconsin lost 0.5% of its non farm jobs since January 2011 and Illinois gained 0.5% in the same period. I think Illinois is beating the crap out of Wisconsin. Oh, you know who else has funky hair and just went to prison?

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