Fess up! Sen. Mark Miller demands access to full legal info. as Co-Majority Leader of Wisconsin Senate

Democratic Party Senator Mark Miller of Monona, Wisconsin is now the Co-Majority Leader of the Senate along with his nemisis, Republican State Senator Scott Fitzgerald.

Sen. Miller now demands full access to whatever legal documents were created in secret between the Wisconsin GOP’s legal darling, Michael Best and Friedrich, and former State Senate Majority leader Fitzgerald. Particularly of interest: redistricting information.

He wrote a brief letter to Michael Best and GOP [link here] reminding the firm that when Sen. Pam Galloway resigned, the status of “majority leader in the state senate” evaporated. The senators then became split evenly – 16 GOP and 16 Dem. When the law firm signed a contract with Fitz, it did so with the “Majority Leader” of the Wisconsin state senate. Thus to Senator Miller’s thinking, the contract is open for reinterpretation.

Fitz rather predictably replied “no”. From M.J.Sentinel comes the following:

“I’m still dealing directly with them,” Fitzgerald said. “They said the contract is still between Senator Fitzgerald and the firm. . . . That relationship is still intact.”

Michael Best attorney Eric McLeod confirmed the firm would continue to take direction from Fitzgerald.

“Until there’s a change in the contract via some action taken by the Senate, we’re simply operating under the contract as it was previously written,” McLeod said.

Which leads us right back to Sen. Miller’s point: “as it was previously written” it is directed to a “Senate majority leader” which no longer exists.

Scott Fitzgerald, Republican Wisconsin State Senator

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4 thoughts on “Fess up! Sen. Mark Miller demands access to full legal info. as Co-Majority Leader of Wisconsin Senate

  1. If the contract was with Fitzgerald alone, he should be paying for the legal services, not the taxpayers.

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