Givin’ Mitt Shitt in Fitchburg, Wisconsin

Approximately 250 people assembled outside of Walker’s laughably named “Victory Center” in Fitchburg to give Mitt Romney some heck Saturday March 31st. Romney was visiting to do a few of his robocalls live and to stump for his presidential primary in Wisconsin.

The protesters were a mix of people who held signs like “Keep your Mitt(s) off Birth Control” and people with “Recall Walker” signs, or pro-union signs, or signs that referenced dogs [if you don’t know what the dog thing is about, try Dogs Against Romney ].

I did see Mitt Romney for the 1.25 seconds that he spent outside as he dashed from the door to an SUV.  I also saw Paul Ryan. They both waved at the crowd. In return the crowd booed, hissed, yelled “Mitt is Shitt” and “Ryan Sucks” and chanted “Recall Walker!”. After the convoy of SUVs and cop cars became full of its political cargo, they started to move out slowly and we yelled “shame”. I usually don’t like the “shame” yell. On this occasion I reveled in it. I think I was inspired by the presence of Wisconsin’s own Paul Ryan who I am more familiar with than Romney.


Real dogs and one stuffed dog were in attendance with either special attire or  their car carriers or signs such as “I ride inside” or “Mutts against mitt!”

Ed drives away with his Mutts against Mitt display atop the car. Give Mitt Shitt protest in Fitchburg, WI March 31, 2012

A dog carrier on top of a car at an anti-Mitt Romney protest called Give Mitt Shitt Fitchburg, Wisconsin

 A dog wearing a Green Bay Packer jersey at the Give Mitt Shitt protest in Fitchburg, March 31 2012

Many got a chuckle out of the box sign below.   I asked the sign owner if she thought Mitt would even understand her slang. We laughed and discussed the real possibility that he has somebody on staff to help him with understanding the language of the commoners.

 Woman holds a sign above her head which says "Think outside my box" at a protest of Mitt Romney at a Scott Walker call center in Fitchburg, Wisconsin March 31, 2012.


I spoke to the patriarch of the Gadsen flag-wielding group below for a few minutes, asking him if he was in favor of Romney or Walker or Santorum. He replied that he is in favor of all of those men and for limited government and liberty. I pressed a little bit more to determine who he’s voting for on Tuesday in the GOP primary and all he would say is that Romney is the candidate expected to win –  not a ringing endorsement. I’d guess that 20 people in attendance were showing support for Romney or Walker.

 A family holds Gadsen flags at a Give Mitt Shitt rally in Fitchburg Wisconsin March 31, 2012.


Dignitaries in attendance included Assembly Rep. Chris Taylor, the DJ Sly of WTDY-FM,  a small group of Raging Grannies singers (who concluded their visit with a a round of “Solidarity Forever”), and Lisa Subeck of NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin. Rep. Kelda Helen Roys also attended and wrote a statement at the site Kelda for Congress.

Wisconsin Assembly Representative Chris Taylor speaks to the press at a rally against Mitt Romney in Fitchburg, Wisconsin March 31, 2012.
Wisconsin Assembly Representative Chris Taylor

I made a facebook event for the visit called “Give Mitt Shitt!” at the urging of Timothy Reilly.  A bit later I discovered that another event called “Keep your Mitts off our Birth Control!” was already organized by  NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin.  I really did not intend to duplicate efforts but in the end, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to have multiple facebook events that take a different spin on the same protest. It draws in different sets of people and therefore MORE people. The more the merrier!

For more on Mitt Romney’s flip-flop on women’s health issues see NARAL’s Romney page.

Visit NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin to stay up to date with the fight to preserve women’s rights and women’s access to reproductive rights in Wisconsin.

For more photos see my facebook album or NARAL’s.

Event date: March 31, 2012

4 thoughts on “Givin’ Mitt Shitt in Fitchburg, Wisconsin

  1. I absolutely LOVE it! Wish I could have been there to give him a Cayman Islands sign w/ “Make Deposit HERE” with an ATM slot!

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