Teacher Tanya Lohr announces challenge against Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman

You may know Wisconsin’s Tea Party state senator Glenn Grothman from his insinuations that single-parents are abusing their kids or his lesser known proclamation that “The Left and the social welfare establishment want children born out of wedlock because they are far more likely to be dependent on the government.” Perhaps you know Grothman as that dude who called all the protesters from last year “slobs” or maybe you have an extra twinge of contempt for Mr. Grothman, as I do, after he authored a bill that shifts control of Milwaukee’s technical school board over to his business friends.

The list of Grothman’s political offenses is long and his appearances on Fox TV have been many – all the better to fan the flames of anger in thousands of Wisconsin women, many of whom just so happen to be assembling at the steps of Wisconsin’s Capitol building tomorrow, Saturday Apirl 28th. I’m certain we will have an opportunity to hear a few words from Tanya Lohr then. I can’t wait.

WI Unite Against the War Against Women facebook page

Rally event link on facebook

Below is a press release from Tanya Lohr’s campaign.

Photo of Tanya Lohr speaking at a Recall Grothman event. Tanya Lohr, town of West Bend, has announced her candidacy for the Wisconsin Senate seat currently held by Sen. Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend).

Lohr has been a teacher for 16 years, spending the past 13 years teaching global studies at West Bend West High School. She is currently Chair of the Democratic Party of Washington County and a recent graduate of Emerge, a leadership training program for Democratic women interested in running for public office. She is married to fellow teacher, Andy Kougl. Their family includes their six year old twins and Kougl’s two teenage daughters.

“I want to restore adequate funding for public education, respect for women, affordable family health care and strengthen our communities by empowering working people,” Lohr said.

Lohr helped lead both the Grothman and Walker recall drives before being elected to lead the Washington county Democrats last fall. She is also the Political Action Chair and a Building Representative for the West Bend Education Association.

“The republican agenda was imposed on Wisconsin working families and has polarized our state. It is time we corrected the imbalance,” Lohr commented.

Lohr’s campaign will reach every corner of the 20th Senate distinct, building on the work the hundreds of volunteers she led did during the recalls. “We already have a committed volunteer corps who want to reverse the failed policies recently enacted by the GOP majorities and signed by Gov. Walker,” Lohr concluded.

People interested in helping with the campaign can contact the Democratic Party of Washington County, 262-388-0990

Ms. Lohr announced her candidacy at a press conference on Friday, April 27th at 4 pm at the Democratic Party of Washington County office, 132 N. Main St., West Bend.

24 thoughts on “Teacher Tanya Lohr announces challenge against Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman

  1. My grandson comes from a “single” parent home. He is also very much loved, very much taken care of, and there is no instability in his life. His mom and dad are both involved in his life, they just choose not to get married, instead of getting married before they were ready just because she got pregnant. Abstinence? what century do you live in? Both sets of His grandparents are involved in his life, and I personally babysit him on a regular basis so my daughter can WORK and not have to worry about child care expenses. So what you are saying is my grandson is going to suffer “educational outcomes” because his parents opted not to marry? how totally ludicious. he suffers from instability? absolutely not…. statistically, my grandson will turn out fine~! And Grothmann can take his numerous derogetory comments to women right out of office. A woman’s place is in the house….and the SENATE!

  2. She was my global studies teacher, and she’s a living terror in the classroom. She is totally incapable of keeping politics out of the classroom. She cannot teach a single day without complaining about Scott Walker. If a student (like me) doesn’t particularly agree with her political opinions and she finds out about it, she’ll confront that student and yell and belittle them until they comply with her demands. Even then, she doesn’t treat you the same way. She can be very rude to people who don’t see things her way, especially students. She’s terribly biased in everything I’ve seen her do. It’s one thing to be passionate about something, but it’s in a whole new ballpark when it interferes with MY education. As I’m just a kid who isn’t old enough to vote, I can just state my opinion-I feel that she’s the last person to take on this position.

    • Glenn, such cheap smear tactics are unbecoming in an elected official. Don’t you have more important things to do than impersonating children on people’s blogs?

      • Don’t be so quick to distrust your children and see conspiracy everywhere. As a former high school student, I’ve heard lots of terrible things about Ms. Lohr. I cannot personally attest to anything, but I’ve heard lots of first accounts of behavior that probably shouldn’t be tolerated in a teacher.
        That being said, she’s probably still better than Grothman.
        Why are elections always choosing the lesser of two evils?

    • Locally, it is too bad she lost as she is still in our school district and unfortunately now advises our daughter….We will be switching that ASAP……She is Nuts!

  3. It’s also true that kids brought up by lesbian or homosexuals are less likely to be subjected to abuse, and are more stable individuals as they grow up. I wonder why Mr. Grothman didn’t mention that? Perhaps abuse isn’t his true concern?

  4. I am very insulted with this whole war on single parents. I am single parent with one teenage son but I find my home life to be extremely stable.

    In my case-let’s look at the facts:

    * I own a newer model car (car loan is paid-off)
    * home owner (mortgage paid-off)
    * Advance university degrees
    * Income with 6 digits and I do pay a lot of taxes to the state. My
    only income is from my place of employment.
    * I have very little debt and unpaid bills (right now between credit
    cards and medical bills-probably under $1000).
    * I have only one teenage son who scored very high (in the advance
    range) on the WKCE’s in multiple areas last year when he was in
    the 10th grade.
    *I have never been in trouble with the law. I have had one traffic
    ticket for speeding 10 miles over the limit in 1983.
    * My child has never been sent to the principals office or
    received a suspension in school
    * We attend a church on Sundays
    * My child is active in church
    * My house is clean and my son eats very good home cooked meals.
    * I have never had a non-family member of the opposite sex spend the
    night in my home. (My bedroom is also none of your business.
    However, I am probably a better parent than a lot of married women
    because I get more sleep at night)
    * My child is also happy.

    I think my child has a pretty stable life. In fact, chances are his life is more stable than most children who are reared in a lot of two parent families. However, if you still think I need to have a man to make my life more stable…maybe I am not the one who is not stable. Come to think of it why would I want to get married? I would think that would be a whole lot more stress than my current lifestyle.

    This bill does need to be killed. It overgeneralizes a demographic group and helps to perpetuate a myth/stigma against women. On the other hand, I might lobby for a bill that lists men who own pick-up trucks as a risk factor in child abuse. (Since these men also probably drink beer and hunt which could make someone unstable and owns a deadly weapon) Well, it makes as much sense as this current bill.

  5. Tell that to the single Mom who’s husband died in Ira or Afghanistan! Tell that to the other widows with children. Tell that to yourself if you had, through no desire of your own, become pregnant prior to your beau skipping town.
    I don’t know you, but I can guess tht you are against abortion, pro war, anti-welfare, pro death penalty, and see no Reno why conceal-carry is such a big deal. You probably had a peaceful and well-fed childhood. Both parents were there and working. You went to prom. You went to college.
    What would you be saying now if your life had not had the privileges you have had?
    Things happen. To all people. We can’t discount them and through them out with the trash to make do with whatever they can scrounge by on. That only harms the children. You don’t want that in the end, right?

  6. Abstaining from the act by which children are conceived? What act might that be? Oh wait, you must mean SEX. There say it. Not only that, abstinence only sex ed leads to unwanted pregnancies. I’ve said it and it is proven fact. The number of teen pregnancies declined sharply when a comprehensive sex education curriculum which also taught about birth control methods was introduced. It also played an important part in disease prevention. Unwanted, unplanned children are more likely to be abused regardless of a parent’s marital status. You can take that to the bank. Grothman is a misogynist and does not represent the views of a modern society. In fact, he lives at home with his mother, and has no children so his input doesn’t hold much water. As such he should not be legislating family or women’s issues as he has precious little experience in that venue. Judging my some of the hackneyed statements he’s made in public regarding his constituents his own upbringing was severely lacking.

  7. The tea party people that I know are some that have come to this ultra-conservative stance later in life—-not much later–but after their youthful high school days. Most are not educated much beyond that. But they were wild and crazy, broke most laws they knew about, had a strong disregard for rules in school, lack respect for just about everyone, have fathered children out of wedlock, waited for many months after getting their spouse pregnant before marrying them–just a total disregard for common decency in general. Some have done all manner of drugs and had run-ins with the law prior to their ‘conservative-ness’.They are disrespectful of any authority and of the office of the President, are disrespectful of women—the list goes on. But they want everyone else to follow the rules of the 50’s. They are a mystery. I have a lot of trouble taking them seriously.

  8. Elizabeth,
    While I agree that helping women who do not want to have children have access to methods to prevent pregnancy….which ironically they are also making more difficult.

    If we are to use Grothman’s logic we should educate all young child bearing women that having any children in marriage is selfish …..since marriages have a 50% divorce rate….which then produces single mothers! What loving parent would ever take a 50/50 risk on their child’s safety? How about we educate people about stress management, not trusting family friends with their child blindly?

  9. In some cases we need to encourage abstaining from the act by which children are conceived even after a couple is married (especially if the adults are related…there ARE laws about that, you know). I’m glad Grothman is being challenged. It won’t be an easy fight in that part of the state (obviously), but it’s a worthy battle.

  10. The facts do actually attest that children of unmarried moms are at higher risk of abuse, the reason is that there is less stability in their living situation and higher likelihood of living in the same household with unrelated adults. They also have poorer educational outcomes because of the instability. I am a woman and I mention these things to people myself. We need to support and encourage abstaining from the act by which children are conceived, till the couple are married. The good of children is basic to the social value of marriage!!

    • What a fallacy and ignorant comment. Single parents are single parents because they care about life and the well-being of their children. They are not harlots or irresponsible or immoral. You also assume in your comment that all single children are born out of wedlock. Most people I know that are single parents are a product of divorce. They had every intention of raising their children in a two-parent household.

    • Are you for real???? Encourage abstaining from the act by which children are conceived, till the couple are married? What century are you living in? I know the GOP wants to take us back to the old west days, but this is ridiculous. What about all the children conceived in marriage, but because of divorce, are now the children of ‘unmarried moms’? You, Grothman, and the rest of the teabaggers always make far fetched generalizations. You need to take your head out of your pooper.

      • I’m trying to see this from your point of view Terri but your pooper can only hold one head and yours already occupies it! Your party likes to kill off job opportunities (Mining bill)and then turn around and try to blame the current administration for the lack/loss of jobs in this state. Having a two parent household and a balanced budget in the twenty first century is for the kids.

      • Dear Watersports,

        You don’t know what you’re scribbling about. So pull your own head out of your own you-know-what before you start ripping on others.

      • You mean people should refrain from sex until they get married? That’s INSANE. There are lots of effective forms of birth control available. Further, if birth control fails, there’s the day after pill, and there’s the Constitutional Right for a woman to control her own body, and the ability to have an abortion. There is absolutely NO reason to wait until marriage to have sex. Now, having children is worth putting off until the couple (man and man, woman and woman, or man and woman) is ready for the responsibility. At such time, they may create a child through sex or they may adopt. What matters to children is stability, and this is more likely with to gay men who are well off than it is with a heterosexual couple living in a trailer park (i.e., Wal-Mart employees).

        Jon Powers

      • Dear John, there are no regrets when people abstain at the appropriate times. In our day a lot of people would rather conceive and then terminate the lives of their children (bear in mind most contraceptives can have an abortifacient effect by preventing implantation of a child that is conceived) rather than practice self control. I see a widespread refusal to reason about the morality of sexual behavior, and I’ve come to believe that re-humanizing our behavior needs to be a priority today for the good of women, men, and children and the common good. By now we can look back at what effects contraception has and realize this actually has been devastating to people and society.

        Someone asked if I am “real”, I am a 33 year old woman named Elizabeth who lives in downtown Madison, the picture you may see is a picture of me. I am a real person who believes that sexual self control is the right choice–and that contraception is always wrong. I know increasingly many people around my own age who are married and space births by use of natural family planning, the woman accurately monitors her fertility and these couples have great relationship, respect and communication because they agree to be open to new life every time they are intimate, when it’s not the right time to become pregnant they practice abstinence during her fertile times. This is also better for the woman and the environment than contraceptives!

      • “I see a widespread refusal to reason about the morality of sexual behavior”

        You are welcome to your morals. They have no place in *my* government. In addition, your statement that a “lot” women choose abortion as a form of contraception is vile and a lie. You’ll go to hell for that, ya know?

    • I’m glad to see a challenge happening in that district – and to the comment about single parent-hood – there’s a problem with your statement as it uses a wide brush in it’s isolation – children growing up in homes with domestic violence also suffer child abuse problem there is many times (more often than not) those crimes against the spouse and children fly under a radar and are never reported -especially so in more affluent areas – also when Grothman pointed to the one study to back up his argument he neglected to point to some of the other stats including that there is LESS child sexual abuse in single parent homes than in homes with two parents or two adults living together –
      Rather than placing blame on parents of children we need to place blame on the individuals who abuse children – as a society we also need to recognize that the needed resources to prevent re-victimization is severely lacking –
      Grothman aims to stigmatize and oppress women who do not fit into his cookie cutter image of a June Cleaver lifestyle – he keeps speaking of the time in the past where in his mind things were better – but what he fails to recognize is he is speaking about a time when slapping a wife around wasn’t a crime, when child sexual assault was a deep dark shame no one spoke about – and when abortions still did happen but women risked their lives in attaining them – in other words a time of make believe and pretend…aka…a life behind doors in closets with many skeletons

    • Aren’t women who have custody of their children after a divorce, considered single parents? Or what about a widow?

      How much abuse within a marriage is not reported because of fear of reprisal? Think how many women out there are beaten by their husbands and don’t say a word about it. Same could be said for their children.

    • Seriously? or are u being sarcastic….obstaining? until parents are married? question…what if those parents are 2 men or 2 women? How will that happen in regards to marriage their? 1 other comment, what if the woman is raped? Accordn to the tbag party…women are suppose to raise that child if raped…dont get me started….These tbag legislators are dumbn ya all down…stand up…fire the idiot…n take back ur state…

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