Kathy Nickolaus: Is she or isn’t she in charge of the recall elections in Waukesha County?

Blue cheddar, newspapers, and other blogs reported on April 6th that the much lambasted Waukesha County clerk Kathy Nickolaus would be stepping aside for May and June recall elections after she received an order to either step aside or resign from Waukesha County Executive Dan Vrakas.

It seems that exactly what’s going on is not clear. Hat tip to Waukesha Wonk who thoroughly scrutinized all of Nicholaus’ pronouncements and came up short on clarity as well.

From an April 28th JSOnline article:
“Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus, widely criticized over the conduct of elections in her county, announced Saturday she has decided not to seek re-election in November.

But the embattled clerk said in a prepared statement that she would not relinquish “any authority or responsibility” for upcoming elections through the end of her term because “I am the Waukesha County constitutional officer charged with the responsibility of elections.”

After problems in the election earlier this month, Nickolaus reportedly agreed under pressure from County Executive Dan Vrakas to cede election responsibilities to her deputy for the upcoming recall races.

Her campaign manager said Saturday she “never ever agreed to hand over the responsibility given to her constitutionally as clerk” to administer the elections. “Kathy is still in charge,” said the manager, Dan Hunt, adding Nickolaus was unavailable for comment.”

Back on April 6620 WTMJ reported that, “Kathy agreed to hand off her election duties to the Deputy County Clerk in order to avoid my public call for her resignation. In stepping aside, Kathy also agreed to allow outside consultants and county staff to work side-by-side with the Deputy Clerk to help restore confidence in our election process.”

6 thoughts on “Kathy Nickolaus: Is she or isn’t she in charge of the recall elections in Waukesha County?

  1. Here’s a novel idea.


    Then let’s see how she screws around with the votes.

    • I know. I KNOW. I can barely stand to write about “Got Votes?” Kathy without throwing a computer across the room. I can’t believe this is still a THING.

  2. The only FAMOUS County Clerk in the country. I have never seen the likes of it. She is as corrupt as they come….Good luck to you Wisconsin. Oregon sends its love and good wishes….SOLIDARITY…RECALL WALKER AND HIS CRONIES! GO WISCONSIN!

    • Whoa there, friend. I beg to differ. Ms. Nicholas, or “Kit” as she is known to her closest friends, is the most infamous county clerk in the nation.

  3. I’m sharing what is happening with us here in WI with anyone who will read. If this is happening here, then, where else? If this is allowed, here, then, everywhere else.

    No matter what, we must watch those who count the vote. Especially in Waukesha county where strange delay tactics keep happening….

  4. If there is any doubt, the GAB needs to step in with independent auditors to supervise the election. WI can not afford to have another election stolen by this woman. Especially one with such historic significance.

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