Milwaukee Journal Sentinel shills for extremists to explain progressive gains

Dominique Paul Noth wrote a scathing critique of the MJS article “Group helped force out anti-abortion Democratic incumbents” written by Jason Stein and Alison Bauter:

What a cockeyed piece of political reporting in Journal Sentinel August 16, a combination of lazy wordsmithing and outright shilling to the evangelist and right-wing extremes.

From headline to content, the story touted the most radical interpretation of our social upheaval, the concept that women should vote with their ovaries not their brains, that strong liberals are baby destroyers, and that the Democratic Party is no different than the Republican machinery is throttling its moderates into extinction.

Where did this come from?…

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2 thoughts on “Milwaukee Journal Sentinel shills for extremists to explain progressive gains

  1. I really do not understand your problem. Democrats should not be anti- Roe v. Wade, the party should not tolerate infiltration. I was happy to read this article and felt no issue with it.
    Anti-Choice Democrats are Trojan Horses who, when the time comes, can align with Republicans to defeat and undermine Bills and limit reproductive rights. With Friends Like These etc etc. They are the embodiment of the Change From Within ethos of the 1960s and 1970s but in the worst, rights-undermining kind of way.
    But then pardon me for “thinking with my ovaries.” I suppose people who would oppose anyone who works to re-institute racial segregation would be “thinking with their skins”. And objecting to the resurrection of Jim Crow laws would probably be picky then in your estimation too?
    Kids today….who raised you people anyway? People who were born before you worked harder than you can imagine, likely with less, to make strides. Who would imagine that people of the future would be indignantly working to undermine them like this. Certainly not me.

  2. It’s impossible to have a true democracy when the media only offers one side of the story. Mass media is big business, representing corporate interests while masquerading as crusaders for the people.
    That’s why I think blogs can be so important. It gives OUR SIDE a chance to share information; well-informed voters make intelligent votes. This was what happened when the pro-voucher/school choice “Democrats” lost by sizable margins in Milwaukee.
    I trust very little of what the journal says–sloppy articles are written and the editorial board writes the title.
    Keep up the good work, blue chedder, and other progressive Democrat blogs out there: our future depends on it!

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