It’s a good day. Todd Akin is still in and the Republicans hit the panic button all day long.

Enjoyable and/or educational highlights from my afternoon online as I awaited the 5PM Central deadline for Akin to back out of the race. Which he did not do.
As I expected.

Hastags of the day:

To win his primary,
“Akin had 36 percent of the vote to 30 percent for St. Louis businessman John Brunner and 29 percent for former state Senator Sarah Steelman”
Wed Aug 22, 2012 2:16am IST Reuters

“It would constitute a grave injustice both to all known notions of democracy, and moreover to our right as Americans to be entertained by morons, to pull Akin from the ballot.”
Christian Gooden, Esquire

“Five former Missouri senators join the growing chorus of voices calling for Congressman Todd Akin to withdraw as the Republican candidate for senate in Missouri. This is an important race!…”

Karl Rove Says
From New York Times:

“If he remains the nominee, there’s no reason to throw good money after bad by trying to win this seat,” Karl Rove, the group’s co-founder, said Tuesday on Fox News. “This is one of those unfortunate things that’s so bad, so deplorable, so out-of-touch that there’s no way to recover, in my opinion, from it.”

Is this like a forcible…(who the fuck is this dipshit?!)

3:11PM Today
Mitt Romney calls for Akin to back out.

“As I said yesterday, Todd Akin’s comments were offensive and wrong and he should very seriously consider what course would be in the best interest of our country,” said Romney in a statement. “Today, his fellow Missourians urged him to step aside, and I think he should accept their counsel and exit the Senate race.” from HuffPo

The advertised request for forgiveness released midday.
The mistake was in the words, he says. It’s also in his “science”.

  • Have you heard the new “Legitimate Rape” song? It will help you figure out what’s “illigitimate” and “legitimate”. It’s so confusing. What a help this is!!!:

    Man behind Akin’s bad science was VIP in Romney 2008 run for president:
    “A physician and former president of the National Right to Life Committee, Willke was an “important surrogate” for Romney’s 2008 presidential bid. Willke is the oft-cited source of the theory that rape-related pregnancies are “rare.” The theory is sometimes used by antiabortion advocates to argue that abortion laws should not contain exceptions for pregnancies that result from rape or incest.

    Willke believes that trauma caused by violent rape causes a woman’s reproductive system to shut down. He presents this belief as fact in educational materials, including a book about abortion and a website called Willke’s views – and his role in promoting a theory that has been widely rejected in modern medicine – appear not to have concerned Romney in 2007, when he touted Willke’s endorsement.” – LA Times

    Flashback: Akin called John Danforth, other Romney supporters “liberal” Republicans
    “… the field is anything but weak. In fact, I would say it is too strong for many powerful people in the liberal wing of the Republican Party,” Akin said. “The liberal and centrist Republicans consider my record inimical to their controlled ‘balance’ on the ticket.”

    “I like Senator [John] Danforth and I count him my friend,” Akin continued. “But when he intimates that the Republican field for the Senate seat is weak I believe what he means is that it is too conservative.” – PoliticMO, March 2012

    A Second Interview with Sean Hannity Today

    “Let me ask you this,” Akin began. “If you were in Romney’s position, don’t you think that he may have bid this thing up and made a bigger deal about it than he needed to?”

    “Why couldn’t he run his race and I run mine,” asked Akin. “If things really look like they’re getting in trouble in Missouri than maybe — but he has just assumed.”

    And also from the interview:

    And more tweets:


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