The Scott Walker Experience: Focused like a Laser Beam Tour

“We’re going to spend the remainder of this term focused like a laser beam on creating jobs” – Scott Walker – June 6, 2012

The finest response I’ve seen to this lie is Michael Martin‘s T-shirt design:

The Scott Walker Experience by Michael Martin

Michael perfectly captures the familiar slack jaw facial features of Wisconsin’s governor plus he incorporates that ugly font from Walker’s campaign signs. This image might be made even more hilarious if I added a contrasting image of Walker wearing his red, white, ‘n’ blue polo shirt and mom jeans from the Fourth of July. On second thought, some of you are still trying to forget that. Let’s just keep on moving on.

Here’s a familiar man modelling it for us:

The Scott Walker Experience by Michael Martin as worn by a certain Koch brother

I don’t think this shirt is for sale anywhere. I have a feeling that will change shortly.

Before I depart, I leave the reader with a few videos which seem to belong in the laser beam tour playlist. They contain a light show or lasers or the sort of fantasyland Scott Walker fans inhabit.


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