Quotable: Steven Rosenfeld on True the Vote vigilantes

“It’s important to understand why True the Vote feels victimized and how that affects its politics, whether its results are amateurish or not. In Wisconsin, election officials give the benefit of the doubt to the voter when assessing voting documents and deciding disputes. That is true in many states. True the Vote takes the exact opposite approach. If there are any doubts, then in True the Vote’s world the burden of proof immediately shifts to the accused, not the accuser, to defend their voting rights. And if proof is not forthcoming, they believe that person’s voting credentials should be revoked.

Moreover, True the Vote’s assessment—and this is the case in its voter registration program and poll watcher trainings—is based on what they want to see in the law. But that’s not the same as what actually exists in the law. This split leads to a predictable collision between what they think they see, and what they think should be in law, and how local election officials process the same information and officially react to it. A Wisconsin Government Accountability Board report issued in May assessed their vetting of recall petitions. It concluded they “created results that were significantly less accurate, complete, and reliable than the review and analysis completed by the G.A.B.” ”

Rosenfeld attended a Colorado training session for True the Vote and has much more in his must-read post, Going Undercover at the GOP’s Voter Vigilante Project to Disrupt the Nov. Election

blue cheddar bonus:
To experience a flashback to February 28 and the day Walker tried to either 1) outrageously flout the law with the aid of True the Vote to halt the recall or 2) merely conduct one more PR stunt, visit Scott Walker submits bluster today but no legal challenge . Walker’s attorney Steven M. Biskupic of Michael Best & Friedrich submitted third party “evidence” from True the Vote as a “challenge” to Walker’s recall but third party challenges to recalls are not legal.


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