Anti-Obama sign contains “expletive allegedly misspelled” in Union Grove, WI

America has problems but at least a person can still pretty much say what he or she wants.  A man was exercising his freedom of speech in Union Grove to the consternation of another citizen who found it offensive.  According to The Journal Times the message “Obama F– off” was painted on his truck’s tailgate.

The thing that gets me A LITTLE UPSET is that the expletive was “allegedly misspelled”.

If you wanted to make fun of his education, dear reader,  you just hold yourself right there.  No teacher tells you how to spell “fuck”. It is a word you learn from your friends.   Or even your political leaders.

For example, the politician most notorious for tossing out F-bombs is Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel. I just googled “Rahm” and “fuck”. Here’s the top hit:

Rahm Emanuel: “Fuck the UAW”.  This article describes Emanuel giving “the finger” during negotiations with the auto union back when he was working in the White House.

Discovering that made me pause to realize this: that’s sign language.  We should keep in mind that many people prefer sign language over all forms of communication when it comes to fornication.

We should also consider that perhaps the fellow ran out of room on the truck when he painted.  You know how THAT goes. Haven’t we all had to write “Happy Birthday” on a cake and we get a little to big with the frosting and we aren’t used to it and then before you know it it’s “Happy Birth-” [next line] “Day”.

Or maybe he ran out of paint.

I still don’t like it.  I don’t want the thrifty to be whittling down one of America’s most cherished 4-letter words to a measly 3-letters. I don’t care how much bullshit privatization-for-the-benefit-of-one’s-corporate-pals scheming is tucked in these  austerity plans that are all the rage right now, do not FUCK WITH MY FOUR LETTER WORDS.

I know I am not being fair. I don’t have a photo to look at, the sign painter is not here to defend himself, and as we all know, police can fib on their reports.

Does anybody at least have a picture of this?


UNION GROVE — The Racine County Sheriff’s Office received a report early Thursday about a profane President Barack Obama sign written on the back of a truck in Union Grove.

When a deputy responded to the 1300 block of Main Street, there was a pickup truck parked on the side of the road with white paint on the tailgate stating “Obama F— off,” with the expletive allegedly misspelled. A dispatcher informed the deputy there was concern about young children seeing the protest. When the deputy confronted the truck owner, a 55-year-old man, he said he didn’t care.

The deputy said he will be forwarding the report to the Union Grove village attorney to review. The report does not indicate that a ticket was issued. However, Union Grove’s disorderly conduct ordinance, No. 70-66, states “No person within the village shall in any public or private place engage in violent, abusive, indecent, profane, boisterous, unreasonably loud or otherwise disorderly conduct which tends to cause or provoke an immediate disturbance of public order or tends to disturb or annoy any other person or persons.”

Mark Brellenthin, the village’s attorney, said Monday he had not yet seen the incident report.- from


Just a little more on Rahm, since I’m going to Chicago today:

The 3rd hit is a article, “Rahm Emanuel: Liberals are F__king retarded”.  At the time MoveOn was running radio ads against Blue Dogs and Rahm did not approve –  so much so that he had to let out a 4-letter version of “no”.

To Rahm’s great creative credit he likes to add syllables. In his parlance, “Fucknutsville”=Washington D.C., a Republican congressman = “a knucklefuck”. – source


One thought on “Anti-Obama sign contains “expletive allegedly misspelled” in Union Grove, WI

  1. You can get a ticket for displaying the word “fuck”? How can this be when I see newspapers printing and serious newscasters speaking the word “pussy” every day? Apparently it’s in reference to something going on in Russia, maybe Putin took his shirt off again, I don’t know, but this is a real breakthrough for America. For my entire life I had never heard “pussy” used once on the radio. Now I hear it several times a week if not every day. George Carlin would love this.

    I was going to carry a sign around the Capitol Square protesting the new police chief Heinrich Erwin and intended to use “fuck” as a verb in the message. Now I am forced to substitute the noun “pussy” instead — two steps forward, one step backward, freedom marches on.

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