Best RNC speech ever: Clint Eastwood and chair

Beloved star Clint Eastwood provided the most awkward moments of the 2012 Republican National Convention last night. Which is saying a lot given that on Tuesday Reince Preibus ignored screaming delegates. And considering that Mitt “Corporations are People Too” Romney is the absolute King of Awkward. Below is his entire speech to an empty chair which he pretended was President Obama.

[If you’d rather read it, a transcript is HERE.]

People are making fun of the 82-year-old Clint – calling him senile etc. but if you watched that video, you’ll notice that the fans-of-Mitt lapped it right up.

My absolute favorite moment of the evening came when Andrea Mitchell and Brian Williams did their best to sum-up whatever it was Clint just did on the stage:

Andrea Mitchell: I have to say as a fan, this was exceedingly strange.
Brian Williams: It was – – a moment.

Below is a pretty classy response tweet from President Obama:

When the twittersphere realized Clint was speaking to an imaginary President Obama, the hashtag #invisibleobama was released. Exhibit A:

A twitter account called “@InvisibleObama” was already created before Clint’s speech. It quickly gained about 37,000 followers and generated it’s own popular jokes, but by this morning it got suspended.

The Clint-chair situation guarantees a star MUST have a chat with an inanimate object at the upcoming DNC. The possibilities are endless, but here’s my suggestion: Tom Hanks speaking to a volleyball.


One thought on “Best RNC speech ever: Clint Eastwood and chair

  1. I started to watch the video of Eastwood’s awkward “speech” to the RNC, but stopped only a few seconds into it. I decided that, like attending a closed-casket funeral, I’d like to remember Clint as I once knew him.

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