Going from “Mormon” to “honest”: Pew’s One Word Poll on Romney

Image by DonkeyHotey of flickr, Creative Commons use

According to Pew Research, the word “honest” and “businessman” are among the most popular words used to sum-up Romney. It’s quite a switch since last October when the word “Mormon” was the #1 word used to describe Mitt Romney.

Still, on the whole, things are not looking up for Mitt. He is seen in a negative light by both Democratic Party faithfuls AND independents:

“Overall, 42% of the words volunteered by respondents are clearly negative, most commonly liar, arrogant, crook, out of touch, distrust and fake. Fewer (28%) offer words that are clearly positive in tone, such as honest, good, leadership, and capable. The remaining 30% of words are more descriptive and neutral in their tone, including businessman, rich, conservative, and Republican. As the campaign progresses, fewer Americans are offering neutral descriptions of Romney, but people continue to have more negative than positive things to say about him.

Pew’s word poll syncs with Romney’s sinking favorability numbers.
40% of voters say they have “favorable impressions” of Romney while 50% say the same for Obama.

One stunning tidbit is Romney’s favorability with Republicans DROPPED IN HIS 2ND DAY OF THE GOP CONVENTION.
And not just by a bit.

“One negative for Romney as the GOP convention enters its second full day, is that among all self-identified Republicans his favorability has dropped nine percentage points to a still high 74 percent”

The frowns from party loyals might be linked with a substantial brou ha ha that broke out on the first day of the RNC convention. The melee came when RNC top brass rejected Ron Paul delegates and when the same brass instituted convention rule changes that remove RNC delegate power.

It will be very interesting to watch for Pew’s next word poll on Mitt. I’ll keep an eye out for the words “chair”.  What the heck.  I’ll put more faith in my fellow American.  I’ll keep the other eye open for “fascist” as well.

Featured image on this post comes courtesy of DonkeyHotey, Creative Commons License use.


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